Version 18.1 (2019/10/07)

Fixed an issue that prevented the app from working properly on iPadOS13.1.

Version 18.0 (2019/09/24)

Projects created with “”Manganame”” can now be imported.
Added the following filters:
Custom noise
Japanese patterns
Chromatic aberration
Concentrated lines
Style Lines
Uni Flash
Images can be opened by drag and drop from other apps.
Improved the operation of the text tool.
When importing images from a camera, it is now possible to automatically crop and import them.
Fixed some bugs.

Version 17.5.1 (2019/08/09)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 17.5 (2019/08/08)

Fixed the canvas angle and display magnification.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 17.4 (2019/06/28)

Supported the font preview for “Cloud Text”.
Improved the movement of the long press syringe.
You can now set the time for “multi-touch gesture setting” till it becomes a dropper.
Fixed a minor bug.

Version 17.0 (2019/04/18)

“Tone curve” function added. (It is a charged function)
Added layer multiple selection function.(It is a charged function)
now it is a keyword search for “cloud work”.

Version 16.1 (2019/01/25)

Fixed minor bugs and improved performance.

Version 16.0 (2019/01/07)

We have improved the drag and drop feature for the layers.

Version 15.1 (2018/10/12)

Bug fix: “Remove Ads Add-on” does not work properly.

Version 15.0 (2018/10/03)

Fixed minor bugs and improved performance.

Version 14.0 (2018/08/01)

Updated the design of the home screen.

Version 13.6 (2018/06/08)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 13.5 (2018/05/22)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 13.4 (2018/04/12)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 13.3 (2018/03/23)

Improvements made to logging in during maintenance.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 13.2 (2018/02/14)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 13.1 (2018/01/29)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 13.0 (2017/12/14)

Mask and Stencil Layers have been added.
Added a function that allows you to close gaps that occur in the Bucket and Magic Wand tools.
You can now round the edges of text with the Text Tool.
The blend mode Divide has been added.

Version 12.3 (2017/11/3)

Now compatible with iPhoneX.
Fixed bugs found in iOS Version 11.1.
Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 12.2 (2017/10/20)

Added ON and OFF switch for Retina display.
Fixed minor bugs and improved performance.

Version 12.1.1 (2017/10/4)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.1 (2017/10/3)

Compatible with iOS 11 now.
Now supports the Retina display.

Version 12.0.1 (2017/9/18)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.0 (2017/9/14)

New layer blending modes have been added! (Soft Light, Hard Light, Hue, Saturation, Color and Brightness.)

Version 11.8.1 (2017/9/1)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 11.8 (2017/8/31)

Minor bugs fixed and performance enhanced.

Version 11.7 (2017/8/25)

Minor bugs fixed and performance enhanced.

Version 11.6 (2017/7/18)

Minor bugs fixed and performance enhanced.

Version 11.5 (2017/6/28)

Minor bugs fixed and performance enhanced.

Version 11.4 (2017/6/07)

Minor bugs fixed and performance enhanced.

Version 11.3 (2017/04/26)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 11.2 (2017/04/21)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 11.1 (2017/04/19)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 11.0 (2017/4/18)

New Multi Brushes have been added.
New Cloud Brushes have been added.
You can now set up more complex brushes.
We have added Mesh Transform to the menu.

Version 10.2 (2016/11/08)

Minor bug fixes.

Version 10.1 (2016/10/13)

Supports iOS10.

Version 10.0 (2016/9/20)

Shape Tool added

Version 9.0 (2016/8/26)

Halftone layers added
Filter improvements made
Gaussian Blur adjustments made
Clipping layer movement adjusted
Moving locally saved files to the cloud has been adjusted
Material items can now be reversed

Version 8.2 (2016/7/19)

Comments can be made on MediBang submissions
PSD files can now be opened
Minor adjustments

Version 8.1 (2016/6/21)

Works can be submitted to MediBang by order of popularity

Version 8.0 (2016/6/2)

Watercolor edge function added.
Pattern brush added.
Text can now be rotated and outlined
Anti-aliasing can be turned off for text.
Social media login added.
iPad Pro support for the Adonit Pixel stylus added.

Version 7.4 (2016/5/10)

11 Brushes added – Oil、Oil(Dry)、Fluffy Pastel、Fluffy Pastel(Thin)、Petal、Petal(Sakura)、Beads、Cloud 2、Dot、Rotation Symmetry Edge 2、Corner Pen

Version 7.3.1 (2016/4/4)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 7.3 (2016/3/31)

A feature allowing png and jpg files to be saved from the canvas screen has been added.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 7.2 (2016/3/23)

*New Features
The brush cursor can now be displayed.
The speed of submitting work to MediBang.com has been increased.

Version 7.1.1 (2016/3/3)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 7.1 (2016/2/26)

*New Features
A new brush/eraser switch feature has been added.
A foreground/background color switch feature has been added.
Cloud saved images can now be exported to the camera roll.
Brush and opacity size adjustment has been improved.
Zooming in and out of the canvas has been adjusted.

Version 7.0 (2016/2/8)

Canvas Annotation feature added
Team members can now communicate through comments on the canvas.
Brushes and materials added
15 new brushes, and 108 new materials.
Resolution can now be preserved when exporting
Files can be exported at high resolution.
Layer flatten feature added.
Importing from other applications has now been added
Files can now be imported from other apps like Dropbox.
New languages added
Italian, Indonesian, Spanish (Spain), Spanish (Mexican), Thai, German, French, Vietnamese, Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (Portugal), Malaysian, and Russian are now supported.

Version 6.2 (2015/12/17)

Users are now able to submit art from the main page.
Print use (600dpi) tones added.
Adonit iOS Stylus support added.
PSD file export feature added.

Version 6.0 (2015/11/20)

Line art extraction added.
New materials can be created from the canvas and camera.

Version 5.0 (2015/11/5)

Home Page added.
Cloud Brushes added.
Print settings added.
New brush type ‘Bitmap Watercolor’ added.

Version 4.0 (2015/10/13)

Local gallery share feature.
New layers are created when pasting images onto the canvas.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 3.0 (2015/9/17)

Gpen, Mapping Pen, Rotation Symmetry Pen and the Edge Pen have been added
Minor bugs fixed.