After December 24, 2020 (Thu) 5:00 PM JST, logging in to MediBang Colors and JUMP PAINT with Google will be stopped.
(You can still log into ART street or the newest version of MediBang Paint with Google)

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause you. Please go to the Edit User Info page on ART street and set a password. Then you can login with email and password.

[How to set a password]
For MediBang Paint users, go to ART street using your web browser such as Chrome or Safari. Log in with Google.

Go to the Edit User Info page, and set a password.

How to go to the Edit User Info page
– For PC, click the cog icon at the left of the Logout button.
– For smartphone, open the menu at the top right. Then go to User Information.

We will inform you later with the updates.
Thank you for your support.