The following functions are unlocked when you purchase “Creative Pack”.

In-app ad removal

Ads in the app will not be displayed.

Select multiple layers

You can select more than one layer at a time. You can move all selected layers or combine them into folders.

Open the Layers panel.
Tap the layer multiple selection button to enter the multiple selection mode.

When the checkbox is checked, the layer will be selected.

Press this button to add a new folder and put the selected layers in that folder.

Press this button to combine the selected layers into an existing folder.

You can also use delete, duplicate, and move tools.

Artwork folder management

Illustrations saved on the terminal can be managed by dividing them into folders.

From the home screen, open the “Folders” tab of “My Gallery”.

Tap the “+” button at the top right to create an “illustration” or “folder”. (Illustrations and folders are saved in “On My iPhone” → “MediBang Paint” → “local_save.”)

MediBang Paint does not have a function to move existing illustrations into folders. Please move the file with the file application of iOS.