On menu bar, by clicking ‘File’ – ‘Environment setting…’, you can modify various settings.
You might find playing with these settings helpful.


① Wheel Direction
In the default setting, scroll down to zoom in, scroll up to zoom out.

② Angle of Rotation
You can set up angle of rotation of navigator window.
You can choose from 90, 45, 30, or 15 degrees.

③ Zoom by dragging
If you press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘Space’ in Windows or ‘Command’ + ‘Space’ in Mac, pointer becomes a ‘Magnifying Glass’ . At this point, you can set up zooming methods. While using ‘Magnifying Glass’, if you drag the canvas, you can zoom in/out.
Zoom: ‘Zoom by Preset %’ is a command that allows you to zoom in/out using the preset percentage. ‘Smooth zoom’ is a command that allows you to zoom in/out by dragging and the corresponding percentage will be applied.
Dragging direction: You can select the direction either ‘Drag Up & Down’ or ‘Drag Left & Right’.

④ Brush Coordiate
You can either select ‘Use Tablet Coordinates’ or ‘Use Mouse Coordinates’, If you select ‘Use Mouse Coordinates’, you will be able to use mouse mode on pen tablet.

⑤ Edit Mode
‘MediBang Paint’ is fixed as ‘Professional’ mode.

⑥ Anti-aliasing
Anti-aliasing is the process makes drawn line such as border-line to be well matched up with the background. If you would like to soften the line, turn it on by ticking the box ‘Turn on the setting at start-up’. If you want lines to be clearer, please untick the box so it becomes turned off.

⑦ Navigator
Checking this will display the Rotaton Angle Bar.

⑧ Right Button
You can set up shortcut in Right Click of your mouse.
You can either select ‘Eyedropper’ or ‘Eraser’.

⑨ Text Rendering
‘Use Native’ can be turned on or off.

⑩ File Dialog
Can be turned on or off.

⑪ Gesture
Touchpads can be used to zoom in and out and rotate the canvas.