The Basics of ‘MediBang Paint’

(3)‘MediBang Paint’ main screen
names of tools

MediBang Paint main screen

11.Window Names


①Color Window

On the menu bar, if you click on ‘Color’, you can choose either ‘Color Bar’ or ‘Color Wheel’ to display in Color Window.
If Color Wheel is selected, you can select a color on the outer circular palette and adjust brightness and vividness inside the rectangular pallet.
※RGB=R(red)G(green)B(blue) you can choose color depth from 0-255. By using this value, color can be designated.

‘Foreground’ and ‘Background’ located in the top-left corner on Color Window can be flipped by clicking on it.
Your brush color will be the same as the foreground color.。

You can save your favorite colors in the palette.

※For more details, please refer to 4.Coloring

③Brush Preview Window
Brush settings are displayed here. On the left-hand side, pen type is displayed and on the right-hand side, brush size is displayed.

④Brush Control Window
On the top, brush thickness and on the bottom, transparency can be adjusted.

⑤Brush Window
Brushes available for use are displayed on a list here. 9 basic brushes have already been provided to you. If you double-click on a brush, the settings window will open. You can modify brush settings in this window.

⑥Navigator Window
By clicking icons inside Navigator, you can do the following operations which can modify canvas display.

【Zoom In/Out】
Zoom In:Icon-05_拡大 Zoom Out:Icon-08_縮小Fit to window size(to the main window located in the middle of screen):Icon-01_ウィンドウサイズに合わせる

Rotate Left:Icon-07_左回転 Release Rotate/Flip:Icon-04_回転を戻す Rotate Right:Icon-03_右回転

Flip to right/left:Icon-06_左右反転

On the window below, a preview of the canvas is displayed.
If you put your mouse pointer on the preview place, the rotation bar will be displayed. You can drag the bar to rotate the image.
In case where you cannot see the entire canvas due to zooming in too much, use the red frame which shows part of the image being displayed. Canvas will move as you move this red frame.
※Operations on navigator window are used to change the way that the canvas is displayed. It does not apply to the actual canvas.

⑦Layer Window
You can operate/modify layers here.

※For more details on Layer, please refer to 2.Using Tools


⑧Open network dialog
Displays network dialog(the login page you see when starting MediBang Paint)
You will seeIcon-13_クラウドログインicon when logged in andIcon-12_クラウドログアウトicon when not logged in.
You can log in at any time using this button.

⑨Publish to Medibang
When logged in, you can use this function.
You can submit works from Cloud to Medibang.

⑩Project dialog

When logged in, if you click onIcon-15_プロジェクト閉じ icon, you can open the project dialog menu.
On project dialog menu, you can edit Cloud Projects.
※Cloud Project is a feature that saves multiple files as one project on Cloud so you can manage it
You will see theIcon-15_プロジェクト閉じicon when no project is being open and theIcon-14_プロジェクト開きicon when a project is open

⑪Material IconIcon-51_オレンジの素材ボタンIcon-17_素材アイコン

If you click on material icon, the material panel will be displayed.
No matter which icon you click on, the same material panel will be displayed. This white icon Icon-17_素材アイコンwill not appear unless you have one or more canvas open.

⑫Material Panel

Contains extremely useful ‘Materials’ for creating illustrations/Manga.
Materials contains 4 types of material. These are ‘Title’, ‘Pattern’, ‘Screentone’, ‘Item’.

※For more details, please refer to the next chapter「2.Using Tools


Basic tools.
(For more details on how to use, please refer to「2.Using Tools」)



①Brush Tool

②Erase Tool

③Dot Tool

④Move tool

⑤Fill Tool

⑥Bucket Tool

⑦Gradient Tool




⑧Select Tool
⑨Lasso Tool

⑩MagicWand Tool

⑪SelectPen Tool

⑫SelectErase Tool

⑬Text Tool

⑭Operation Tool

⑮Divide Tool

⑯Eyedropper Tool

⑰Hand Tool