With MediBang you can create your own groups to collaborate with. You can separate your cloud saves into groups so members of
those groups can access those file.

This guide will explain how to make your own group.

1. Creating a Group

(1) The first step to making your own group is clicking the My Groups icon on
※A login is required (it’s free)


・Link to the MediBang Creators Page

・My Groups Page

(2) On the My Groups page type in a group name in the “Create Group” field and click “Create!”.

Groups that you have already created, or are already a member of will be on the list
below that field.


(3) The next step is to invite new members.

Click on your group name and then click on the “Invitations” tab. Here you can enter the username of the person you would like to invite. If you have a link to their profile you
can also invite them directly from there.


If you are invited to a group there will be a notification on the My Groups icon. Clicking on that will take you to the group invitation, where you can accept it to join the group.


2. Creating a Group Project
In MediBang Paint when you create a Group Project all of the members of that group
will have access to it and will be able to edit it.

(1) First create a new Cloud Project by going to “File” and “New Cloud Project”.


In the new Cloud Project window select the Group you would like to choose for the


(2) Project Details
To open a previously created Cloud Project you can select “Open From Cloud” under
“File”, or from the icon above the canvas.



For more about creating Cloud Projects click HERE

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