MediBang Paint iPhone Brush Guide

This guide will explain how to add, download, edit and delete brushes in MediBang Paint iPhone. (1) The following brushes can be added in MediBang Paint iPhone, Pen, Airbrush, Eraser, Watercolor, Blur, Smudge, Edge Pen, Bitmap, Bitmap Watercolor, Scatter, and Watercolor Scatter. ① Tap the Select button and then the + icon and then finally Add brushes. ② Once Add brushes is tapped a list of available brushes will appear. After selecting a brush a brush edit window will appear. A Name:A custom brush name can be entered here. B Size:Sets the brushes size. C Opacity:This controls the opacity of the brush. D Minimum width:Controls the smallest size of the … Continue reading MediBang Paint iPhone Brush Guide