This time, we will distribute the “Pomerameow” brush for a limited time!

Now please get it!

Distribution is now finished.


What is a Pomerameow brush?

Pomerameow is a cat like a dog’s Pomeranian.
It was born in April Fool and distributed in the Japanese version “MediBangPaint”.

With this brush you can push “Pomerameow” like a stamp!


How to add a brush

Click or tap “↓Pomerameow” to activate MediBangPaint and automatically add a brush! (If you get a message asking to start the application, please allow it to start up.)

Distribution is now finished.



※ To add a brush, MedibangPaint has been installed and you need to be logged in.

* If you add a brush, you can use it even after the end of distribution.