Have you ever customized your MediBang Paint window?
Actually, just by customizing it, you can improve your work efficiency and avoid malfunctions, so take a look at this!

〇 Select the windows you need.

Depending on your computer or tablet, you may have a limited work screen.

With limited screen space, it can be quite difficult to find space to draw pictures.
In this article, I would like to tell you how to customize the window for such people.

There are multiple windows in MediBang Paint.

Let’s divide them into three categories: frequently used, infrequently used, and not used.

If you know which tools you won’t use, take the plunge and get rid of them!

You can easily make it appear from the window tab only when you need it, so don’t worry, it won’t be undone if you delete it.

〇 Connecting the windows.

Once you know which windows you need, you can move them around and customize them to make them easier to use.
The windows displayed at both ends of the screen are the range that can be connected.

You can move the window by dragging the bar with its name on it.
You can drag the bar to move the window.

〇 Window Independence
This function is used when you want to display a window anywhere you want, not at both ends.

This allows you to put the window anywhere you want, not just at the ends, and you can increase or decrease the size without worrying about the connected range.

〇 Finally

Finally, I’d like to show you my window screen.

I am using a 13″ tablet and a 26″ monitor to draw.

Since the tablet is 13 inches (a little bigger than a B5 book), my work space is quite limited.
I’ve removed the brush view and brush control windows, which I don’t use much, and have a separate color window for fine-tuned color selection, and I’ve placed the layers in a place where I’ll never touch them.

Materials and the navigator are displayed on the monitor.

Since I am right-handed, I basically concentrate my windows on the left side to avoid selecting layers and color circles with the hand I am drawing with.

Because I’m right-handed, many people have their tools clustered on the right side.
I’m sure there’s an arrangement that’s easier for everyone to use, so I hope you too can edit your work screen and enjoy drawing!

(Text and drawing by Mido Hachino)
Twitter / https://twitter.com/hachino_mido