These are the shortcut keys list for the【Mac】


Action Key Description
Create New… Command + N
Open from Clipboard Command + Shift + N
New Cloud Project Command + option + N
Open Command + O
Open from Cloud Command + option + O
Save Command + S You can overwrite and save.
Save as… Command + Shift + S Save the file with a new name
Save new to cloud Command + option + S
Print Command + P
Environment Settings Command + K
Close Project Command + option + W


Action Key Description
Undo Command + Z You can go back (undo) an operation.
Redo Command + Shift + Z You can redo the operation (redo).
Cut Command + X You can cut the selected area.
Copy Command + C Allows you to copy the selected range.
Paste Command + V You can paste what you have copied.
Image Resolution Command + Option + I You can check or change the image resolution.
Canvas Size Command + Option + C You can check and change the canvas size.


Action Key Description
Duplicate Command + J
Merge Down Command + E
Fill (Paint) shift + delete Fill (paint) with the foreground color
Delete Delete Delete all drawing on the selected layer. If a selection is specified in the layer, only the selected area will be deleted.


Action Key Description
Levels Command + L You can correct the color level
Hue Command + U Hue, saturation, and light brightness can be changed.


Action Key Description
Select All Command + A Select the entire canvas
Deselect Command + D Cancel selection
Inverse Command + Shift + I Invert selection
Transform Command + T You can transform the shape of the selected area
Draw Selection Border Command + B Draws the border of the selected area with the foreground color.
Action Key Description
Off 1
Parallel 2
Crisscross 3
Vanishing Point 4
Radial 5
Circle 6
Curve 7
Curved Line(Ellipse) 8


Action Key Description
Transparent shift + Z Swaps the foreground color and the transparent color.
Swap Fore / BG X Swaps the foreground and background colors.
Initialize D The foreground color will be black and the background color will be white.


Action Key Description
Zoom in Command + + You can also drag up / down with Ctrl+space+drag up/down
Zoom out Command + – You can also drag up / down with Ctrl+space+drag up/down
Fit to Window Size Command + 0 Adjust the canvas display to the window size.
Rotate Right Rotate the canvas view to the right
Rotate Left Rotate the canvas display to the left
Release Rotate / Flip
Flip Horizontally Reverses the display of the canvas
Grid Command + G Display the grid


Action Key Description
Brush B Ctrl+Alt+drag left/right to change brush size.
Eraser E Ctrl+Alt+drag left/right to change eraser size.
Dot brush Shift + B You can draw a line of dots.
Move V You can change the position of the image
Fill (shape) N You can create shapes with foreground colors. You can choose rectangle, ellipse, or polygon.
Bucket G Can be filled with the foreground color
Gradient Shift + G Drag in any direction to create a gradient.
Select M You can narrow down the entire drawing area or just a part of it. You can choose between rectangle, ellipse, and polygon.
Lasso L A lasso shape can be used to partially narrow down the drawing area.
Magic Wand W You can select a range of similar colors in an image.
Select Pen S The painted area will be selected (Command+D to deselect).
Select Eraser Shift + S You can erase the area you have painted with the selection pen.
Text T You can type in texts
Object (Move) O You can move the materials in panels.
Panel Divide shift + O You can divide the panel
Eyedropper I Pick up the color in the image as the foreground color.
Hand H You can change the display position of the canvas.
(If you are in the middle of selecting a different tool, you can temporarily change to the palm tool by pressing the spacebar.


Action Key Description
Enlarge Brush Size
Diminish Brush Size