I will be introducing the filter function『Focus Lines (concentration)』.

“Focus Lines” are popularly used in manga, and you can create them easily using the filter function within MediBang Paint.
The steps are as follows:

1. Decide on the selected area

From the selection tab, click ‘Add’ and select the manga panel.
You can decide on the settings of Focus Lines later, so decide on the area of selection first.

2. Choose “Focus Line” from the filter menu

The preview window pops up so reconfirm the area you selected.

3. Adjust the lengths and ratios

Let’s adjust the numbers to suit the atmosphere.

I will now explain the settings of each number.

The length of the entire focus lines. Change the number to fit the panel size.

Length (Random)
This adds randomness to the length of focus lines.
You can set it as you like.

Line Width
This is the key component that determines the image of this panel.
Thick lines expresses comedy while thin lines expresses more serious moments..
Adjust the width to correspond to the mood.

This controls the level of concentration on the character or object of focus.
Dense lines grabs more attention, adding a serious tone.

Density (Random)
Adds a random level of stress to the density of lines.
This is also optional.

Aspect Ratio
With this you can adjust the perspective within the panel.
For regular focus lines, keep it as “Square” at 0%.
When you want the lines to fit the background or the character in active scenes, you have to change the numbers.
↓Example with concentration line vertically adjusted to the character’s depth perspective

Specify Center Point
With this you can change the direction of lines to decide on which part you want the readers to focus on.
↓Adjust in cases where the character / object of focus is placed to the side

☆Final Advanced Tip !
Adding the concentration filter to BOTH the panel and the toned parts of the character adds speed to the whole image, creating the “rapid approach” effect.

The image below is illustrated with a sense of speed and action by drawing focus lines inside the clothing area, as well as lines outside the body.

How was『Save Time with Filters!PART 1 Focus Lines』?
Drawing focus lines by hand take up a lot of time and require you to be very precise but digital applications will make that super easy for you !
What are you waiting for!? Try it out!

Thank you for reading this article ♪