Tools: located on the toolbar on the right hand side.
Using tools, you will be able to draw a variety of things.

① Brush Tool75e2765ae7ce3ebc46f80ea577d39e37

Depending on the brush being used
stroke thickness or opacity can change.
MediBang Paint includes 12 default brushes.

◎Pen   ◎Pencil   ◎Airbrush (2 types)
◎Watercolor ◎Blur  ◎Smudge
◎CloudAlpaca      ◎Eraser
◎G Pen  ◎Mapping Pen ◎Symmetry Rotation

In addition to these you can use the brush window to create your own brushes or add brushes other users created.

② Eraser Tool15b5cca5bfe786ea7d8fbdfebea724b9

You are able to erase anything on the canvas. Virtually the same as the Eraser.

③ Dot Tool8d189314171d6f41ab586ad1aa0f9e4d

You can draw dots that are 1~3pixels large. Useful for making pixel art.

④ Move Tool2cd3598e1ef70cf34ac313a9117d60f8

Within canvas, you can move objects on the selected layer.

⑤ Fill Tool1bf287cddc3793cfa0c8b0aef5a6183d

You can create a shape that is filled in with your currently selected color.


You can choose from three different shapes‘Rectangle’ ‘Ellipse’ and ‘Polygon’
You can choose shape of figure, adjust transparency.

⑥ Bucket Tool7326bcc7317c7cd4ddce7b3fb147f6b7

You can fill in a selected area with your selected color.


As shown in the picture above, in the ‘Reference’ drop down menu you can select ‘Canvas’ or ‘Layers’. When ‘Canvas’ is selected the ‘Fill Tool’ will recognize all objects on all layers. When ‘Layer’ is selected the ‘Fill Tool’ will only recognize the currently selected layer.

⑦ Gradation Tool23e9edbf34183cd76a0da9abf8b4f2b7

This function allows you to make a gradation.
You can choose whether the shape is either ‘Line’ or ‘Round’ and whether the type is either ‘Foreground-Background’ or ‘Foreground’.

⑧ Select Toole6dd587278dfe6e42883c5e807c6a520

An area on the canvas can be selected.


Using the above drop down menu you can choose the shape of your selection.

➈ Lasso Tool092f04310552dc7d5c442c9e1a6c9b65

With the lasso tool you can select an area of the canvas freehand.

⑩ MagicWand Toolac5f0167e17bb7979c3f11d079649f87

The ‘MagicWand Tool’ will select the area of the canvas you click on based on it’s color.

Just like ‘Bucket Tool’ ⑥, you can use the ‘Reference’ drop down menu to select ‘Canvas’ or ‘Layer’

⑪ SelectPen Toold091f617c39c4722500e30bb2b555e55

The ‘SelectPen Tool’ allows you to draw the area you want to select.


⑫ Eraser tool4e4d5cb2ded4dfe33945d6ad8cd7b57b

You can use this tool to erase part of a selection.


⑬ Text toolfe9ebd82f9a6a5cf33f19b18b06e6313

Users can add text to their work.
With ‘Vertical’ checked in the Text Panel users can write vertically.
※In Windows, local fonts with @marks before their names can also be typed vertically.

⑭ Operation Tool2b6bc0f293f5ca01b006206c2535ccbc

You can drag to move and transform some Koma materials or items.

⑮ Divide Tool203fc5f274a5def3116ecd89f8ce5838

You can create comic panels with this tool. For more information, refer to instruction manual divide panel section.

⑯ Eyedropper Tool17ae428cb1a897f30cfe7193dab293ac

Clicking on any area of the canvas with this tool selected will allow you to select the color of the area you clicked.

⑰ Hand Tool519e614ed071c4e03d8e1cdb92fa1bd0

You can grab the canvas and move it around.
Move tool moves layers within canvas but hand tool moves the entire canvas so it does not have any effects on pictures or drawings.