This time I will present how to simply draw a square and a circle using the fill tool and the selection tool.

The fill tool is used to fill in a selected shape or area.

Normally, you can do a drawing with an optional aspect ratio, but by checking “Fixed aspect ratio” on the top of the screen, you can draw a square.


And by selecting “Circle”, you can draw a circle in whatever shape you want.
By again fixing the aspect ratio, you can draw a perfect circle.

By using the selection tool, you can draw a shape of just the outline.

After selecting the tool, check “Fixed aspect ratio”, and select a random spot.

From the “Selected area” tab, choose “Selected boundary drawing”.

Choose an optional number (for the thickness of the outline), uncheck “Round corners, and maintain the line thickness”, and when you click “OK”,you will have a drawing of just the outline of a square.

At the same time, by selecting “Ellipse”, you can draw a perfect circle.

What did you think?
This can be used to make a lot of shapes such as clothing decorations like studs, or for clocks, balls, scenery, or accessories, so please try it out yourself.