Setting the stylus pen

Before we actually begin painting, we will look the settings to use when painting with a stylus.

Please note that the following settings can only be used on compatible devices.

[Recommended Device] GALAXY Note 3, GALAXY Note II. Etc.


First, tap “Main Menu” → “Settings” found on the lower left of the canvas screen.

Settings Screen
Fig. Settings Screen

The following three “Function Settings” can be used with the stylus.

Use pen pressure
By tapping to and a check mark, you can use pressure detection.
Pressing lightly will draw thin lines, and pressing hard will draw thick lines.
It will adjust the thickness of the lines in accordance with the amount of pressure you put onto your stylus.

Pressure Detection
Fig. Pressure Detection
A line drawn while pressing hard
A line drawn while pressing lightly
Display Brush Cursor
This setting is exclusive to devices compatible with pressure pen.
When your pen approaches the canvas, the brush cursor (shown in the image below (a)) will be displayed.
It will conveniently show you the position of your brush.

Brush Cursor
Fig. Brush Cursor
Use Palm Rejection

This setting is exclusive to devices compatible with pressure pen.
By check marking this feature, it will no longer detect things that touch the screen that are not styluses, such as your fingers, etc.
This convenient feature prevents unnecessary additions from being made when you accidentally touch the screen.

Press the arrow on the upper left of the screen to return to your canvas.
Now that we’re done with the settings, lets get our brush and eraser and get to painting!