This time I will be presenting how to draw translucent eyes.

I will be painting the eyes in the image below.

Paint in the base color for the eyes

First of all, paint in the base color for the eyes. This time, I will be drawing brown eyes.

Layer 1: Paint the inside of the eyes

Create a new layer, and with a deeper color than the base color chosen earlier, paint in the pupils and the edges around the eyes.

Layer 2: Add in shadows

Next, duplicate the blending for the newly created layer.
With a light purple color, paint in shadows below the eyelids and the pupils.
For the interior of the eyes, if you add in shadows with the same color as the eyes painted in layer 1, the shadows will clearly stand out.

Use the eraser to erase a circular portion in the center of the pupils, and blend it with the blurring brush.

Layer 3: Add in reflected light

Next, add in reflected light with an opaque, light purple color.
Paint and erase using a transparent color to adjust the shape of the reflected light.
You can leave the layer blending of layer 3 alone.

The shade is a little strong, so I lowered the opacity to 55%.

Layer 4: Add a reddish tinge with an overlay

Overlay the blending of the newly created layer, and add in red below the pupils.

Lower the opacity, and adjust the color.

Layer 5: Add in highlights

Add in highlights with a white color.

Layer 6: Add in lights

As a finishing touch, add blending to the newly created layer to radiate light.
Selected a bright yellow color, and gently paint in the lower half of the eyes with the airbrush.

Now it’s complete.

If you are having trouble painting in eye color, be sure to try this out!