Today we released MediBang Paint Ver 22.0 for Android and MediBang Paint Ver 23.0 for iPhone/iPad!
A new feature, the MediBang Library, has been added!

▼What is the MediBang Library?

The MediBang Library is a service that allows you to download a variety of content for MediBang Paint.
For the first release, we have prepared content that is easy to play for those beginner artists.

※Example: ”Let’s draw clothes” Image is for illustration purposes. 

The following content is currently available.

For practicing line drawings
・Let’s trace lines.-Easy-
・Let’s trace lines-Hard-

Dressing up a character
・Let’s draw clothes

Content that allows you to create your own SNS icons by tracing lines.
・Let’s draw SNS profile picture.

▼How to use MediBang Library?

You can access the MediBang Library from the home screen in MediBang Paint.
※Currently available for iPhone, iPad, and Android versions of MediBang Paint; PC version is currently under development.  

We plan to add more content to the MediBang Library in the future, including content that makes drawing fun and content that helps beginners learn how to draw. Please look forward to it!