Today, I will introduce how to draw easy to use sparkle effects for the background and finishing of illustrations.
It is very easy and can be used for many different purposes, so please try it out!

First, create a new layer and set the layer blending to “Add/Lighten.”

Just by drawing dots with a slightly thicker airbrush, the sparkle effect is complete!
Today I am using white, but changing the airbrush color will give a different nuanced effect.
Use a yellow airbrush on a gray or black background as shown below is recommended for expressing “fireflies, fireworks, and nightscapes.”

In addition to the effect, it is also recommended for highlighting people.
It can be used on hair, eyes, cheeks, etc. to give the illustration a brighter impression.

With “Add/Lighten,” the light intensity and color will depend on the brightness of the lower layer color.
Note that if the color below is too close to white, it will be too bright and difficult to see, no matter what color brush you are drawing with.
It is also recommended to use white when you want to draw clear highlights and to layer different colors together when you want to make more complex colors.

What do you think?
“Add/Lighten” layer blending is a very useful tool that can easily improve the quality of illustrations.

Give it a try!