Thank you very much for your support by choosing to use MediBang Paint, and other services by MediBang.
The fonts by Sandoll Communication provided in the cloud service of MediBang Paint and JUMP PAINT will no longer be available due to the contract period ending.
After the font is no longer available, if you edit a text that uses them, you will have to choose a different font.
We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by this.
Thank you for your patience.

<Ending date>
-July 30, 2020 (Thu) 15:00

<Effected fonts>
– Sandoll 단아 Light
– Sandoll 단아 Bold
– Sandoll 고딕Neo1 Regular
– Sandoll 고딕Neo1 Heavy
– Sandoll 그린티라떼 Light
– Sandoll 그린티라떼 Bold
– Sandoll 광수 Light
– Sandoll 광수 Bold
– Sandoll 명조 Light
– Sandoll 명조 Bold
– Sandoll 퍼즐 White
– Sandoll 퍼즐 Black

Please be aware that after the ending date, if you edit the text of a file that uses these fonts, you will not be able to change it back to the original font.
*This does not apply to a rasterized layer