Thank you for using MediBang Paint.

Starting with Android 11, security has been tightened and the shared storage that apps’ access has been greatly restricted.
Since some functions of MediBang Paint also access the shared storage of the device, we will take the following actions.

We change the destination when using the folder management function.
※The files saved in the device using the folder function will also be deleted when the app is uninstalled.

▼Scheduled Release Date
Scheduled for the end of 2021.
※We will announce the detailed schedule as soon as it is determined.

▼Please Note
This change is due to Android 11’s stricter restrictions on access to external storage.

Although we are planning to create a function to migrate the folder that is currently set as the destination of the folder management function to the new folder, there is a possibility that it will be difficult to support.
Therefore, we recommend that you save the contents of the folder to an external storage or to the MediBang Paint cloud storage. 

▼How to save data to the cloud
To use cloud storage, you can register MediBang account for free.

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Thank you for your continued support.