Let’s try opening a drawing we’ve saved

Now, let’s try opening a saved .mdp file.
If you’ve never saved a file, please create a file with the previous tutorial.
By opening a saved canvas, you can continue working on a drawing.

Opening from My Gallery

First, launch MediBang Paint.

My Gallery
Fig. My Gallery

Next, go to My Gallery on the home screen.

My Gallery / Internal
Fig. My Gallery / Internal

You can open a canvas by tapping an illustration internal.


If you save a canvas by mistake and want to delete it, press (1) in My Gallery and the “Delete” option.

Deleting a drawing
Fig. Deleting a drawing

Opening a canvas from where you last left off

If you want to start from the canvas you were drawing on the last time you used MediBang, you can open it by pressing “Continue from last time” on the home screen. Opening drawings you paused this way is quicker!

Continue from last time
Fig. Continue from last time