This is a tutorial targeting people who first use PC version of MediBang Paint or those who draw pictures for the first time in digital.

If you proceed to the end of this tutorial, you will be able to use all the basic functions of MediBang Paint.

In this tutorial, we will not use any functions that require login, so even those who do not register can proceed to the end.

Also, there is no need for a “graphics tablet”.


Throughout the entire tutorial, not only do you read and learn the contents, but also move your hands and try to operate according to the tutorial.

Estimated time to proceed to the end of this tutorial is about 90 minutes.

Let’s quickly proceed to the next page from the Install MediBang Paint link.


After registering as a user, you will be able to do the following.

Works can be stored in the cloud
Works saved in the cloud can be edited with MediBang Paint version of mobile terminal (Android / iPhone / iPad) version.
Cloud text will be available
Pay fonts provided by FONTWORKS can now be used. Available fonts are here
Cloud materials will be available
You will be able to download abundant materials such as brushes and tones and use them.
You will be able to produce comics and work with the team
Each page of manga can be managed as a project, and it becomes possible to create one work easily by multiple people sharing it.
You will be able to post your work
You will be able to post your work to “”.

To register for MediBang please go from the registration form