Introducing MediBang Paint for PC

These tutorials target new artists who have never used the PC version of MediBang Paint before, or have limited experience with digital art software.

By the end of this tutorial, you will have a comfortable grasp on the basic functions of MediBang Paint.

Though we recommend that you create a MediBang account to enjoy all the features of MediBang Paint, this tutorial will not cover any functions that require an account. Feel free to read this tutorial without signing up for anything.

And while we also recommend using some kind of pen tablet to draw with MediBang Paint, it is not a necessity to use the software.


While reading this tutorial, we recommend that you do not just try to memorize the text here, but also follow along on the software and learn by doing. Feel free to copy the tutorials to better understand how the software works.

Let’s proceed to the next step, Installing MediBang Paint .


If you sign up for a MediBang account here, you will be able to access the following features.

The MediBang Cloud.
Saving your artwork to cloud allows you to access your artwork across unlimited devices, including the Android, iPhone, and iPad versions of MediBang Paint.
You Additional Fonts
Paid fonts provided by FONTWORKS are available for download from the MediBang Paint Coud. Click here for available fonts
Access to Cloud Materials
A MediBang account gives you access to several kinds of downloadable materials such as brushes and tones to use in your artwork.
The Group Project Feature
Using MediBang Paint’s Group Project function, you can collaborate with other MediBang Paint users on the same projects./dd>

Sharing Your Work
After registering, you will have the opportunity to post your work to “”.

Sign Up for your MediBang Account here