Let’s open the saved file

Let’s open the saved mdp file here. If you have never saved the file, please create the file in the previous tutorial first.

Opening the saved canvas will allow you to resume the task you were interrupting.

How to open a file by double clicking

Please finish MediBang paint first.

Double-click the “tutorial.mdp” file created in the previous tutorial from the state where MediBang paint is finished.

MDP file saved on the desktop
Fig. MDP file saved on the desktop

MediBang paint starts and “tutorial.mdp” opens.

Where 'tutorial.mdp' opens
Fig. Where 'tutorial.mdp' opens

How to open from menu

Next, with MediBang Paint launched, click “File” -> “Open” on the menu.

A dialog will be displayed

Open image dialog
Fig. Open image dialog

In this “Open Image” dialog, select “File Location” (1) and click “saveas.mdp” in (2). “saveas.mdp” is automatically entered in (3). Please press the “Open” button in (4) in this state.

“saveas.mdp” opens in the existing window.

Where 'saveas.mdp' opens
Fig. Where 'saveas.mdp' opens

When you open multiple files, tabs are displayed at the top of the canvas. You can also edit multiple pictures while changing this.