Opening a Saved File

Here you will learn how to open a saved .MDP file that you learned how to do in this previous tutorial.

This function will allow you to pick up working where you left off on your last canvas.

Double Click to Open File

First, ensure that you have properly closed MediBang Paint.

Next, double-click on the “tutorial.mdp” file used in previous tutorials.

MDP file saved on the desktop
Fig. MDP file saved on the desktop

This will launch MediBang Paint and open the file.

Where 'tutorial.mdp' opens
Fig. Where 'tutorial.mdp' opens

Opening from the Menu

After launching MediBang Paint, click “File” -> “Open” from the menu bar.

The Open Image window will pop up.

Open image window
Fig. Open image window

From here select the “File Location” (1) and click the file(2). “saveas.mdp” will appear in (3). Press the “Open” button (4) to continue.

This will open the file in the MediBang Paint window.

Where 'saveas.mdp' opens
Fig. Where 'saveas.mdp' opens

When you open multiple files, tabs will display at the top of the canvas.
Easily switch between files to edit several files at once.