MangaNames features

MangaName is completely streamlined with a pen, eraser and shape tools for working out rough ideas when you're on the move.

What is a name?

Name is Japanese for a comic rough draft. Artists use it to layout their pages and decide character placement and camera angles.
What is a name?
  • Pen Tool

    Pen Tool

    Then Pen Tool comes with 5 different colors and 6 different sizes.

  • Shape Tool

    Shape Tool

    This can be used to create straight lines and rectangles. It's useful for laying out panels.

  • Text Tool

    Text Tool

    Ths is for entering dialog. In the Android version the text stays as text data when being transferred to desktops so it can be editted.

  • Voice to Text

    Voice to Text

    With this feature you can add text simply by speaking.

  • Stickers


    MangaName comes with pre-drawn stickers that can be used as placeholders for writers who just want to get their point across to artists.

  • Selection Tool

    Selection Tool

    This can be used to select parts of an image to move or resize them.

    ※This feature is only available in the android version

  • Manga page management

    Manga page management

    You can keep your pages all together in order on one file for easy management.

  • Finish your work in MediBang Paint

    Finish your work in MediBang Paint

    You can save your files on the cloud so you can transfer your files into MediBang Paint.

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