MediBang Paint, lets you share your files with other users so that you can do Group Projects with them.

It can be pretty hard to draw comics all by yourself. Even professionals draw comics as a team right? You don’t have to worry anymore. Now you can draw as a team just like the pros do.

  • In charge of story making

  • In charge of draft making

  • In charge of drawing

  • In charge of screentones /background

Let’s team up to make a comic!!

MediBang Paint and MangaName, both let you upload your files to share with your group members.

  • In charge of story making

    When you come up with an idea, use it as a plot for your comics.

    1. 01.Write the plot

    2. 02.Share it with everyone.

  • In charge of draft making

    Anytime, anywhere, there’s no need to choose a place to draw a comic draft as long as you have ‘MangaName’!

    1. 01.Think.

    2. 02.Use stickers to create a comic draft.

    3. 03.Share it with everyone.

  • In charge of drawing

    Turn rough drafts into finished comics in ‘MediBang Paint’

    1. 01.Sketch

    2. 02.Ink

    3. 03.Add tones.

  • In charge of screentones/background

    MediBang Paint’s tones and patterns help give your black and white comics some extra flavor.

    1. 01.Add the background.

    2. 02.Put on the finishing touches.

    3. 03.Share it with everyone.


MediBang Paint and MangaName are completely free,
so there’s no reason not to try them out.