Windows / Mac

Version 27.1 (2021/12/7)

Fixed a bug that caused a rare crash at startup.
Removed permission check when opening mdp files downloaded from the cloud.
Fixed a minor bug.

Version 27.0 (2021/9/2)

We are pleased to announce the release of our new subscription service, MediBang Premium.
With MediBang Premium, you will receive the following benefits
Unlimited use of over 200 brushes and other materials for use in MediBang Paint!
No more in-app ads!
Unlimited number of team members.
Unlimited version control functions
Additional cloud storage capacity

Version 26.2 (2021/3/26)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 26.1 (2021/2/17)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 26.0 (2020/12/2)

Showed the most popular ART street posts in the network panel.
Added a filter. (Channel Operation/ Change Transparent Color/ Change Nontransparent Color)
Defects fixed and improved.

Version 25.6 (2020/11/10)

Fixed a bug that could cause the installation to fail on Windows.
Other small issues are resolved.

Version 25.5 (2020/10/30)

We resolved the issue of not being able to create a brush from the canvas.
Other small issues are resolved.

Version 25.4 (2020/9/10)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 25.3 (2020/6/5)

Fixed an issue where submissions failed when entering a contest with a fixed image size.

Version 25.2 (2020/4/3)

Fixed a bug where the shortcut key could not be used when switching to English.

Version 25.1 (2020/4/2)

Shortcut keys can be assigned to most of the functions that can be selected from the menu.
Minor improvements

Version 25.0 (2020/2/21)

Added a function to directly enter the illustration contest held by ART street.
Minor improvements.

Version 24.6 (2019/11/28)

You can now select MediBang Factory templates on the new creation screen.
Minor improvements.

Version 24.5.1 (2019/10/21)

Fixed an issue where the app would not launch on macOS Catalina (10.15).

Version 24.5 (2019/9/26)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 24.4 (2019/8/27)

Fixed a bug that the app does not start.

Version 24.3 (2019/8/26)

Improved the ability to select the color space of “HLS” and “HSV” with the hue filter.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 24.2 (2019/7/24)

New Functions
Cloud works can now be locked (protected).
Added a brush crypt editor.
Improved the color management function.
Fixed problems with brushes.

Version 24.1 (2019/6/6)

When exporting manga projects in bulks, page numbers will now be added.
Made some minor improvements.

Version 24.0 (2019/04/18)

New Features
It is now possible to adjust Grid settings.
Selection, Gradient, and Fill can now be snapped to the grid.
Made some minor improvements.
Fixed a bug causing weird behavior when using Export All involving Manga Projects that had been converted from Manga Draft Projects..

Version 22.0 (2019/01/24)

New Features
Added blur lens filter.
Titles searching function is in use, showing at cloud file selection area.
Performance improved.
PSD file can now being opened again.

Version 21.0 (2018/12/19)

New Features
Added motion blur lens filter.
Improve drag and drop performance.
Other Performances improved.
Layers are not in order at folder when being saved to PSD file.
Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 20.0 (2018/10/31)

New Features
Added a function that will automatically generate a color palette based on the foreground color.
Added brush pressure sensitivity settings.
Fixed a bug where 8bit layer materials would become transparent during bulk export.
Fixed a bug where if you right clicked while using the move tool, the selected area would disappear.
Fixed other minor bugs.

Version 19.0 (2018/09/27)

New Features
Added the Unsharp Mask filter.
Changed the minimum spacing for Bitmap brushes from 5% to 2%.
You can add Mask and Stencil Layers in the Layer window.
You can reverse the width and height of the canvas when you change the canvas size.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 18.0 (2018/08/23)

New Features
Added filters that have traditional Japanese patterns.
You can now choose the tolerance value for the Bucket Tool and MagicWand Tool.
(Now you can paint over things all at once even if the color is a bit different.)
You can now set the printing size and change the DPI when you change the resolution.
You can now choose the background color of the canvas and layer color from the palette.
CMYK output is now available when you export multiple files at once (Cloud project).
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 17.1 (2018/07/26)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 17.0 (2018/07/19)

New Features
Added new filters (Focus Lines, Flow Lines, Flash).
You can now preview the font when you use Cloud Text.
Improved the network panel and made it more convenient.
Changed the maximum value of the font size in the text dialogue box.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 16.0 (2018/06/22)

New Features
Added filters that can create various Noise.
You can use them by selecting Filter from the main menu and then Custom Noise.
A function that will save the settings has been added to several dialogue boxes.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 15.0 (2018/05/24)

New Features
Added the Color Management feature.

– You can now simulate the output for CMYK.
– Color profiles can now be embedded in MDP files.
– Reading and writing of ICC profiles for PSD files is now supported.
– Reading and writing of ICC profiles for JPEG/PNG files is now supported.

Brush sizes can now be selected from a list.
You can now make a copy of works on the Cloud.
Improved it so that the drawing information of the outside area remains when the canvas is cropped.
Fixed a bug where the brush’s drawing was off when the canvas was turned.
Fixed a bug where clipping would not occur properly under certain conditions.
Fixed a bug where some of the keyboard support could not be used in Windows.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 14.1 (2018/04/12)

Fixed a bug where layer switches would cause it to freeze when selecting multiple layers.
Fixed a bug where multiple layer selection could not be done if the layer window was not fixed to the sidebar.

Version 14.0 (2018/03/29)

New Features
Added a function for selecting multiple layers.

– Select all layers at once by clicking on a layer while pressing the Shift key.
– Select layers individually by clicking on each layer while pressing the Control key.

Added a function where selected layers can be moved into a folder.

– Right-click on the layer list to select this option from the menu that appears.

Added a chromatic aberration filter.
Improved it so MDP files use less memory when saving.
Improvements made to logging in during system maintenance.
Fixed minor bugs with the Hue Filter.
Other minor bug fixes.

Version 13.2 (2018/02/21)

Improved the stability when saving an MDP file.
Improved the behavior of MDP files with halftone layers when exporting multiple files at once.
Fixed a bug that occurred with the canvas size when creating a new manga manuscript.

Version 13.1 (2018/01/25)

Improved it so that the text layer can move even when the canvas is rotated.
Revised the manuscript templates for manga.
Improved the Transform tool to allow you to lock a corner.
Fixed minor bugs.

Version 13.0 (2017/12/14)

*New Features
Added the Close Gaps feature to the Bucket and MagicWand tools.
Added the Export All feature to Comic Projects.
Added the Tone Curves filter.
Added Divide to Blended Layers.
Added Mask and Stencil Layers.
Improved it so that the edges of text are smoother when typed.
Improved it so that a tip will pop when the canvas won’t open.
Improved the canvas’ export feature to enable choosing the clipboard.
Improved the Transform tool to allow you to flip your selection.
Improved the Select tool to enable switching on and off the inverted highlight.
Improved the File Menu to enable opening an image as a layer.
Improved dialog windows in high resolution displays.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.1 (2017/9/28)

Upgraded UI.
Improved performance.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.0 (2017/9/14)

*New Features
Added new blending features: Soft Light, Hard Light, Hue, Saturation, Color and Brightness.
Can now import TIFF format files.
Maximum value for Correction increased to 20.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 11.2 (2017/8/31)

Fixed a bug where some files would not open on the Windows 64-bit version.
Fixed a bug where it would move without intentionally doing so when using the operation tool after rotating the canvas.
Fixed an issue where the Inverse Filter was not operating correctly.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 11.1 (2017/8/24)

Increased maximum value for correction to 40.
Improved performance for correction; lines are now smoother
You can now round corners when expanding or contracting a selection
Enhanced speed when expanding or contracting a selection
Improved performance for the Princeton tablet
Enhanced speed for the smudge tool
Enhanced speed for the color filter
You can open the properties for a layer or brush by clicking on the gear icon
Improved performance on the text tool
Layers use less memory which improves stability
Improved the way in which layers are switched
When reading or writing a PSD file, it now preserves the guide
When reloading the Submission List, it now keeps your team selection
Improved other minor aspects
Fixed a bug where the cursor would not change into the hourglass (Windows)
Fixed a bug where the art quality in the navigator would drop
Fixed a problem that occured when using brush scripts
Fixed an issue where a dot would appear when using the Force Fade In/Out on a Windows-based tablet
Fixed a bug that occured when using snap rulers with the gradation tool
Fixed a bug when using Mesh Transform
Fixed a bug where the app would crash when pressing a key on the color selection panel (Mac)
Fixed a bug where the screen would close when pressing Enter at the search screen for Cloud Brushes. (Windows)
Fixed a bug where it would fail to sync settings to the Cloud
Fixed a bug where it would not let you add text when selecting a locked layer
Fixed other minor bugs

Version 11.0 (2017/4/18)

*New Features
Multi Brushes have been added.
We have added Mesh Transform to the menu.
We have added Export File to the menu.
You can now open each page on (from the Help tab).
You can now choose Storie templates when you create a new canvas.
You can now clear your canvas size history at the Create New Canvas screen.
You can now hide file paths at the canvas tab.
We have added a setting to avoid the glitch where you end up selecting everything in a layer without meaning to do so.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 10.2 (2016/11/17)

Brush bug fixed where blurring seems stronger with some script brush.

Version 10.1 (2016/10/13)

Login with Social Networks improved.

Version 10.0 (2016/9/20)

*New Features
A brush that allows shapes to be drawn has been added.
Spreads can now be made with Yonkoma manga templates.
An issue where a message stating the canvas size and manga guide size had a discrepency would be incorrectly displayed has been fixed.
An issue where users could not correctly zoom in and out of the canvas after placing materials has been fixed.
An issue that caused tones to become displaced after moving a halftone layer has been fixed.
An issue where after moving a clipping layer undo would not work correctly has been fixed.
An issue where the Bucket Tool could not be used if there was a 1 px gap on the right side of the canvas has been fixed.

Version 9.0 (2016/8/26)

*New Features
Halftone layers added (This can be set from the 8bit Layer’s properties).
Locally saved mpd files can now be cloud saved as new versions of existing cloud saved files.
New folder “Reverse Colors” added.
Material items can now be reversed.
Windows tablet gestures adjusted.
Comic guide sizes can now be picked from templates.
The bucket tool and magic wand tool’s can now expand pixels up to 32px.
The last foreground and background colors used will be saved when MediBang Paint is restarted.
The behavior of layers created or moved inbetween clipping layers has been adjusted.
A problem that occured when specific characters were input using the text tool have been fixed.
A problem that prevented keyboard support from being used after starting the app has been fixed.
A problem that caused crashing when using the undo feature has been fixed.
A problem that caused item materials to dissappear when moved by the move tool has been fixed.
An issue where using specific folders when rotating the screen caused the preview to be incorrectly displayed has been adjusted.
An issue that occurred on Windows devices with flick input has been fixed.
An issue where the transformation confirmation window appeared after cancelling a transformation has been fixed.
An issue that caused crashing on the Mac version of MediBang Paint when specific Safari plugins were installed has been fixed.
A problem that caused issues when the version list was viewed has been fixed.

Version 8.1 (2016/6/30)

Widget display adjusted.
Right clicking the material window lets users use the Eyedropper tool.
Cloud brushes will now be ordered from new to old by default.
The Bucket and Shape tools can now use transparent color.
Minor Improvements.

Version 8.0 (2016/6/2)

*New Features
Watercolor edge feature added.(This can be adjusted in the layer settings)
Brush types can be changed into pattern brushes.
Text can now be rotated and outlines can be added.
Social media account login is now supported.
UI icon size can now be adjusted. (Windows only)
Adjustments have been made for Windows tablet users where the display was too small.
Dragging and dropping into the Reference window is now supported.
The amount of time it takes to access cloud services after reconnecting to the internet has been reduced.
The manga project page list display size has been increased from 240px to 300px.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 7.5 (2016/4/21)

*New Features
Material window added.
The layer limit has been increased from 256 to 1024.
Cloud Brushes can now be searched.
Adjustments have been made to the way diagonal panels are transformed.
A button for displaying the canvas size at 100% has been added to the navigator window.
Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian, and Malaysian language support has been added.

Version 7.4 (2016/4/7)

Thai language support added.
In the brush preview the brush size is now displayed in millimeters.
Improvements to the auto recovery feature have been made.
The file save process stability has increased.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 7.3 (2016/3/17)

A feature has been added to act as though the Shift or Ctrl keys are pressed down for tablets without keyboards.
A bug that caused a dialogue window to remain open after cloud save errors has been fixed.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 7.2 (2016/3/3)

New templates have been added/fixed in the new file window.
Auto recovery saving speed has been improved.
The Eyedropper Tool can now pick color based on the Canvas or the currently selected layer.
The Russian language has now been added to the Windows installer.
Filters can now be selected while transforming.
The command for entering text with the Text Tool has been adjusted. Ctrl(Cmd)+ Return will enter text and the Tab key will switch to different locations in the menu.
Submitting to MediBang from MediBang Paint has been adjusted.
A bug that caused the program to crash when deleting annotations has been fixed.
A bug that sometimes occurred while right cddcking on the layer menu has been fixed.
A bug that kept the menu from closing after cancelddng cloud saves has been fixed.
A bug that kept PSD files from properly opening has been fixed.
A bug that caused a crash when front, back and middle covers that hadn’t been saved were merged has been fixed.
A bug that caused an error creating a new manga project from a draft has been fixed.

Version 7.0 (2016/2/8)

*New Features
Canvas Annotation feature added.
A new sorting system has been implemented for cloud files.
Cloud files can be displayed by details and icons now.
Cloud files version panel has been improved.
Russian UI now supported.
Cloud file related shortcuts have been added.
A bug where the transform menu would sometimes not properly close has been fixed.
A bug where rotated canvases would return to their previous position after closing with the Esc key the transformation menu has been fixed.
A bug where the launch window’s scroll window sometimes didn’t work has been fixed.
A bug where clicking on a layer with the Ctrl/Command key pressed cause selections to change has been fixe.
Minor bug fixes.

Version 6.2 (2015/12/17)

*New Features
Manga projects with front and back covers that have been created separately can now be merged.
Pressing Ctrl/Command while selecting a layer will cause the items in that layer to be selected.
Alternate selection modes can be used by pressing Shift or Alt/Option.
PNG files can now be saved as grayscale files.
The brush size display while drawing has been adjusted.
Pen pressure adjustments made.
Italian and Spanish UI adjustments have been made.
Rotating the canvas with gestures has been improved.
A bug that sometimes occurred with the Select Pen and undoing of Item material rasterization has been fixed.
A bug that sometimes occurred with the Edge Pen and clipping layers has now been fixed.
A bug that sometimes occurred when creating a canvas with a length over 20,000 px has been fixed.
A bug that sometimes occurred when when adding a draft page has been fixed.
The team list displayed when choosing a cloud project group has been adjusted.
A bug where floating windows could sometimes not be changed in size has been adjusted.
A bug that sometimes occurred when logging in and out has been fixed.
Inklet now supports MediBang Paint (Mac only)
Manga projects can now be expanded to 320 pages
A thumbnail is now displayed on the version management page

Version 6.1 (2015/11/26)

*New Features
When changing canvas size different measurements can now be chosen.
New options included when flattening layers.
Pallet preset added.
Files that aren’t cloud saved can now be posted on
Users can now choose between black or their current foreground color when creating panels.
After creating a new panel border users will automatically select the Divide tool.
Preview window speed adjusted.
When adjusting the background color a preview will be displayed on the canvas.
An issue when the Windows 64 bit version could not overwrite the 32 bit version has now been fixed.
An issue where files from MangaName could sometimes not be imported has been fixed.
An issue that could cause cloud brush syncing to fail was fixed.
An issue where the preview would not be displayed on Mac has been fixed.
An issue where some users could not sync from the login window has now been fixed.
The tone load has been reduced to prevent problems when adding them to the canvas.

Version 6.0 (2015/11/5)

*New Features
Cloud Brushes added
New brush type – bitmap watercolor brush added
TIFF and WebP file formats now supported
In the project viewer double page spreads can now be viewed.
Windows 10 supported
Mac OS X 10.11 (EI Capitan) supported
When changing canvas size different measurements can now be chosen. (inch, cm)
MediBang Paint’s opening location when opening on multidisplay set ups has been changed.
A problem that sometimes occurred with the cloud when opening canvases has been fixed.
Restarting after changing Mac shortcuts is no longer necessary
The cursor’s location in relation to tool actions has been adjusted.
Color palette colors can now be chossen by numerical values.
Brush groups can now be deleted without having to delete their contents first.
Comic panel creation has been adjusted
A problem where some MDP files could not be open after being saved was fixed.
A problem where some merged layers would no longer have their blending modes applied was fixed.
A problem where groups could occasionally not be chosen in the cloud project window has been fixed.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.4 (2015/10/1)

*New Features
Project settings expanded
Text in files imported from MangaName will become text layers. (Only files imported from the latest version of MangaName)
Files from MangaName can now use the manga project templates in MediBang Paint.
Depending on the brush, users can switch between color and transparent. (Default is Shift-Z)
A5 document size added for manga templates.
*Improvements and Bug Fixes
Increased cloud saving speed.
Added a warning for when users try to convert an extremely large image into a material.
Text placement optimized.
Filters have been removed from the Layer menu and given their own menu.
Fixed a bug where some users could not open files after importing them from MangaName.
A bug where things that could not be transformed were shown as transformable was fixed.
A bug where the Surface Pro 3 eraser button didn’t work was fixed.
A bug that caused cloud saving to sometimes fail was fixed.

Version 5.3 (2015/9/17)

*New Features
Layers inside of folders can now all be transformed at the same time when the group folder is selected.
*Improvements and Bug Fixes
Manga pages can now be created without inner borders.
An issue where users could unintentionally transform objects has been fixed.
An issue where users could unintentionally edit text has been fixed.
An issue where an error would occur with cloud saved pngs was fixed.
An issue where while creating a new file on some Windows PCs clicking the OK button would cause a crash has been fixed.
An issue where the OK button was sometimes not properly displayed when creating a new manga project has been fixed.
An issue where the same file would be displayed in recent document history more than once has been fixed.
An issue where MediBang Paint 32bit could not run on Dell computers with Dell Backup and Recovery Manager running has been fixed. (64bit is still unable to run at this time)
An issue where the Rotation Symmetry brushes parameters were not displayed in English has been fixed.
An issue where MediBang Paint would crash on start up without displaying an error has been fixed.

Version 5.2 (2015/9/10)

*Improvements and Bug Fixes
An issue where the Windows version of MediBang Paint would crash when some users opened or saved files has been fixed.
An issue where MediBang Paint would sometimes crash when locally saved manga projects were cloud saved has been fixed.
An issue where some users could not correctly update from older versions of MediBang Paint has been fixed.

Version 5.1 (2015/8/28)

Bugs fixed.

Version 5.0 (2015/8/27)

*New Features
Windows 64bit support.
Windows Tablet PC API stylus support added.
The canvas can now be moved, rotated and magnified using multi touch guestures.
Double page spread comic templates can now be created.
A new brush Edge Pen has been added.
Brush, Pallet, and Material settings can now all be saved at once.
Bitmap brushes can now be created directly from the canvas.
*Improvements and Bug Fixes
Can now save locally when not connected to the internet.
All visible layers with the acception of text layers can be merged with the ‘Merge All’ option.
Now when using Undo while performing Transform on an object, the object will not dissapear.
Materials (Tones, tiles) can now be created directly from the canvas.
A problem where users could not undo changes to background colors and comic guide settings has been fixed.
Now cloud saved files will be recovered by auto recovery.
A problem where the wrong layer would be changed when changing 8bit/1bit layer types was fixed.
A problem where new versions of cloud projects could not be applied has been fixed.
A problem where the version details in the cloud file screen of an image would be wrong have been corrected.

Version 4.0 (2015/7/23)

Auto Recovery function added
Reduced the likely hood of crashes when working on larger sized files.
Speed of cloud saving improved.
Mdp icons are now able to be displayed on in Windows Explorer, and the Mac Finder
Shortcut commands added (LayerーProtect Alpha、Clipping、Lock、Duplicate、Merge Down)
Merge Down only affects visible layers (Invisible layers will now be preserved)
Divide Tool bug fixed.
Snap guide names can now be changed.

Version 3.1 (2015/7/3)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.0 (2015/6/30)

29 Cloud fonts have been added.
Manga manuscript templates have been added.

Version 2.0 (2015/6/17)

Software name changed to MediBang Paint Pro.

Version 1.6.1 (2015/6/4)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.6 (2015/6/4)

Users can now customize shortcuts.

Version 1.5 (2015/4/30)

Interface redesigned.

Version 1.4.3 (2015/4/9)

GPen and Mapping Pen added.

Version 1.4.2 (2015/3/26)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.4.1 (2015/3/20)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.4 (2015/3/19)

Cloud Text added.

Version 1.3.2 (2015/2/26)

Easy comic uploading feature added.

Version 1.3.1 (2015/2/2)

(for Windows) Stability improved.
Brush size can be changed by numerical increments.

Version 1.3 (2015/1/22)

Easy illustration uploading feature added.
Vertical writing on the Mac.

Version 1.2 (2014/12/25)

600dpi resolution tone Materials added
60 types of background materials added

Version 1.1 (2014/12/9)

MangaName available.