This page was made for 2021 April Fools’ Day.

MediBang Paint -KIWAMI-

Beyond The Concept of Painting
Paint Soft Has Reached The Ultimate "KIWAMI"

MediBang Paint has achieved 50 million downloads in 2020.
In 2021, it has evolved to a higher level.

The name is "KIWAMI"

※The word "extreme" refers to the most extreme point or the final destination. The Ultimate.

The GENTLE engine, which is equipped with a highly intelligent AI
We'll introduce you to the amazing features of the GENTLE engine, which surpasses conventional painting software.

Of course, it is free to download

MediBang's special technology: GENTLE engine for all-round support!
It supports your creative work in a "gentle" manner by addressing the unique concerns of creators.

KIWAMI Function #1
Work Buddy Function

Working alone doesn't make much progress... but you don't have any friends... (sigh)
If that's the case, the "Work Buddy Function" is for you.

The AI takes the role of a buddy and gently works with you.

KIWAMI Function #2
Encouraging Function

I don't know how to improve my drawing... someone tell me... it's hard...
The "Encouraging Function" is recommended for you.

It praises your good points and gently points out your bad points.

KIWAMI Function #3
Satisfy Desire For Recognition Function

I can't get any response on SNS... I'm screwed... I'm going to die.
We recommend the "Satisfy Desire For Recognition Function" to those who are in such a situation.

With the power of the GENTLE AI, any illustration will get an amazing buzz on SNS.

KIWAMI Function #4
Multitasking Function

This is a super function for those "short-handed" illustrators who want to scribble... watch anime... and play games.

The AI will gently do everything for you, including gaming, leveling, watching anime, and monitoring Twitter.

Deluxe KIWAMI Function #1 ( paid service )
Safety Function

I can't keep my motivation up and make any progress in drawing... We recommend this "Safety Function" to you.

If your hand stops for three minutes, a high-voltage electric shock that wakes you up will be gently applied.

Deluxe KIWAMI Function #2 ( paid service )
Absolutely Safe Function

I just can't get motivated... I can't draw illustrations regularly... Why...?
The "Absolutely Safe Function" is a relief for such people.

If you don't complete an illustration at least twice a week, your personal information will be gently leaked.

Deluxe KIWAMI Function #3 ( paid service )
Perfect Peace of Mind Function

This function is recommended for those of you who can't get motivated no matter how hard you're over...please help... If you gently ABC the mysterious powder produced by the Super AI (put mosaic on the XYZ part).

You'll be inspired to draw endlessly! It kind of feels good! It's fun to live!

Let's experience highly intelligent AI with KIWAMI Brushes!

* Free brush distribution is no longer available.

Kiwami Thunder

Kiwami Snake

Kiwami Lights

Kiwami Droplets

Kiwami Dusts

Kiwami Respect

Kiwami Eye Blows


MediBang Paint, the old version of MediBang Paint KIWAMI, is still available for download.

Download now!