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10 new Japanese fonts created by Fontworks Inc.
has been added to the Cloud Fonts today !

Not only are these fonts useful for speeches and sound effects in manga, but also for adding texts to your illustrations.
*The new fonts will be available for members of MediBang Premium only.


FOT-筑紫アンティークL明朝 Std

FOT-筑紫A丸ゴシック Std

FOT-筑紫B丸ゴシック Std

FOT-キアロ Std

FOT-ロダンマリア Pro

FOT-ロダンカミーユ Pro

FOT-桔梗A Std

FOT-奈 Std

FOT-花風なごみ Std


What are Cloud Fonts ?

Cloud Fonts are a font function you can use by creating a MediBang account.
There are a range of fonts practical for manga and illustrations, all available for commercial use. You can use them for publishing manga both online and printed.
▶ Read here for more details on the scope of use

*The newly added fonts will be available for MediBang Premium users only.