[Part 6] Premium brushes make it easy to draw a star-filled night sky!

Premium brushes this time are recommended for these situations!

  • When you want to draw
    starry skies or nebulae

  • When you want to create a fantastic atmosphere
    by adding starlights

When you have created a character
but wondered how to draw the background…

Premium brushes make it easy
to draw starry skies.

With Premium brushes, your painting experience will be a lot more fun.

Try out Premium brushes!

Let me introduce you to two Premium brushes!
The app opens by clicking on the download button for each brush.
If you do not already have the app, be sure to install from here.

  • Stardust Brush 2

    The Stardust Brush 2 makes it easy to draw starry skies or fantastic effects!
    This brush is useful for creating nebulae or foggy atmospheres!

  • Stardust Brush 1

    The Stardust Brush 1 makes it easy to encrust beautiful stardust!
    It has a wide range of uses, including star effects and patterns for your illustrations!

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