We will explain how to use MediBang Paint for iPad.

Today, we will show you how to add and apply materials.

We can apply materials for comics (tones, backdrops, etc.) by selecting them from the materials window.

Materials have three different types: Tiles, Tones, and Items. They are all used like stickers.

Tile: Materials comprising of patterns. Dotted materials (mesh tones) for the shadows of people and objects are included here.

Tone: Materials close to what are referred to as screen tones in comics are compiled here. Also, materials used for backdrops are included here as well.

Items: Materials that are applied individually, are included here. Item materials need to be rasterized.

1. Adding and Deleting Materials

Push the  materials button at the bottom right of the canvas to open the materials window.

The Tile, Tone, and Item buttons at the bottom will display each of their materials when you select them.

Tapping the + button at the top will open up the Add Materials Window.

Add Selected Image: Browses the local folder (on your own device) to import your own custom-made materials into the materials window.

Add Image Capture: Takes a screenshot and adds it to your materials window as a material.

Add from Canvas: Adds the current canvas as a material to your materials window.

Download Material: Enables you to download materials officially released by MediBang Paint. Choose materials by selecting them from the Tile, Tone, and Item tabs. The Cloud Materials Panel will appear, so you can choose something you like from there and download it.

2. Moving and Deleting Materials

  • Tapping the Move button  will enable you to change the order and delete materials.
  • Swiping the  will enable you to change the order of materials in the panel.
  • Pressing the  will allow you to delete materials.

Once you’re done with your editing, tap Done.

3. Applying Materials

① Tap on the material you want to use.

② The preview screen will appear. You can change the angle and magnitude here.

③ Selecting OK in the Apply Materials Window at the top right will allow you to apply the material to the canvas.