Version 18.4 (2020/3/12)

Minor bugs fixed

Version 18.3 (2020/3/11)

Minor bugs fixed

Version 18.2 (2020/2/27)

Fixed a bug of the “Pen (Sharp)”.
Fixed a problem with the “Ellipse ruler”.

Version 18.1 (2020/2/21)

Minor bug fixes

Version 18.0 (2020/2/20)

Added the function to apply directly to the illustration contest held on ART street.
Added a function to preview cloud text fonts.
Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 17.6 (2019/12/5)

Minor bug fixes

Version 17.5 (2019/11/28)

Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Added support for Undo with two fingers.

Version 17.4 (2019/8/22)

Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Added support for Undo with two fingers.

Version 17.3 (2019/8/14)

Minor bug fixes

Version 17.2 (2019/8/8)

Minor bug fixes

Version 17.1.2 (2019/6/13)

Minor bug fixes

Version 17.1 (2019/04/18)

TopicThe illustration / manga posting site “MediBang!” Has become “ART street” !!
Minor bug fixes

Version 17.0

Hand tool has been added.
Added preview function to “My Gallery”.
Improved the posting screen.
You can search for posted works.

Version 16.0

Improvement of color palette.
You can change the position of “HSV bar”.
Added setting to become eyedroppers by long press.
“Tone curve” function added. (It is a charged function)

Version 15.0

You can now rearrange the layers by touching the thumbnail of a layer and then dragging it.
Landscape mode is now supported on smartphones.

Version 14.0

You can now manage folders with your works.

Version 13.2 (2018/03/28)

Minor bug fixes

Version 13.1.2 (2018/02/09)

Minor bug fixes

Version 13.1.1 (2018/1/26)

Fixed so you can turn the brush cursor on and off.

Version 13.1 (2018/01/25)

The multi-window function is now supported on tablets with Android 7.0 and above.

Version 13.0.3 (2017/12/26)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 13.0.2 (2017/12/25)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 13.0.1 (2017/12/15)

Fixed minor bugs.

Version 13.0 (2017/12/14)

Added Mask and Stencil Layers.
Added the Close Gaps feature to the Bucket and Magic Wand tools.
Added the Round Edges feature to the Text tool.
Added Divide to Blended Layers
You can now rotate the canvas with two fingers.

Version 12.1 (2017/10/12)

The maximum value for Correction has been increased to 20.

Version 12.0 (2017/9/14)

New layer blending modes have been added! (Soft Light, Hard Light, Hue, Saturation, Color and Brightness.)

Version 11.4.1

Minor bug fixes

Version 11.4

You can now view the most recent submissions from newest to oldest on Android
You can now report submissions
Minor bugs fixed

Version 11.3

Minor bug fixes

Version 11.2

Minor bug fixes

Version 11.1 (2017/8/4)

Minor bug fixes

Version 11.0 (2017/4/18)

New Multi Brushes have been added.
New Cloud Brushes have been added.
You can now set up more complex brushes.
We have added Mesh Transform to the menu.

Version 10.2 (2016/12/9)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 10.1 (2016/10/13)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 10.0 (2016/9/20)

Shape Tool added

Version 9.0 (2016/8/26)

Halftone layers added
Automatic panel division feature added
Filter improvements made
Gaussian Blur adjustments made
Clipping layer movement adjusted
Pixels can now be expanded to 32px
Pixels can now be contracted
Moving locally saved files to the cloud has been adjusted
Material items can now be reversed

Version 8.2 (2016/7/14)

Black can now be selected when creating panels.

Version 8.1 (2016/6/30)

Manga page guides now supported.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 8.0 (2016/6/2)

Watercolor edge function added.
Pattern brush added.
Text can now be rotated and outlined.
Anti-aliasing can be turned off for text.

Version 7.6 (2016/5/26)

Social media login added.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 7.5 (2016/4/7)

The following languages are now supported.(Turkish, Romanian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak).
A bug that occured when saving png/jpg files has been fixed.

Version 7.4 (2016/3/22)

A feature allowing png and jpg files to be saved from the canvas screen has been added.
Size can now be set when creating a new illustration on the cloud.

Version 7.3 (2016/3/7)

Main screen changes.
MediBang submission screen changes.
Spanish language added
(Mexico, Columbia, Argentina, Venezuela, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Uruguay).

Version 7.2 (2016/2/18)

A bug that corrupted local saves was fixed.
The amount of time it takes to submit to MediBang has been improved.
A brush copy feature was added.
The amount of time it takes to move a local save to the cloud has been improved.

Version 7.1 (2016/2/9)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 7.0 (2016/2/8)

Canvas Annotation feature added.
Tutorial video links added.
Free Transform perspective correction option added.
Local Gallery list adjusted.

Version 6.7 (2016/1/13)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 6.6 (2015/12/25)

Smartphone layer opacity and blend modes were adjusted.
Folder transformation feature added.
Layers inside a selected folder can now all be transformed at once.

Version 6.5 (2015/12/20)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 6.4 (2015/12/17)

20 new brushes added.
Cloud saved files can now be returned to their previous versions.
Layer conversion feature added.
Percentage is now displayed when zooming in and out.
UNDO process speed up.

Version 6.3 (2015/11/27)

Twitter size,Twitter headers size, and Twitter icon size templates added.
14 new languages are now supported.
Android 6.0 support added.

Version 6.2 (2015/11/20)

Line art extraction feature added.
Auto Recovery bug fixed.

Version 6.1 (2015/11/5)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 6.0 (2015/11/5)

50 brushes added .
The main screen has been redesigned. You can now browse art and Favorite pictures.
Text layer rasterization feature added.

Version 5.3 (2015/10/21)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.2 (2015/10/16)

Auto Recovery can be set to save every 5, 10 or 15 minutes. (This setting can be changed from the canvas menu)
User friendliness improved.

Version 5.1 (2015/9/30)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 5.0 (2015/9/30)

Edge Pen Added.
Different counterpoints for the rotation symmetry brush.
Cropping added.
Layer clear、and deselect shortcuts added.
Brushes and palettes can now be imported and added to current brushes and palettes.
Scaling feature adjusted.

Version 4.0 (2015/9/4)

The G Pen, Mapping Pen, and Rotation Symmetry Pen have been added.
Layer dragging and opening and closing of folders has been added.
Images can now be imported to layers from the layer panel.
Files saved to the cloud can now be saved to devices.
Cloud Fonts editing and deletion has been adjusted.
User friendliness improved.
Minor buges fixed.

Version 3.1 (2015/8/28)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 3.0 (2015/8/11)

Palm rejection now supported for the Galaxy Note S pen.
Drawing performance increased.
Maximum brush size increased to 300.
Files can now be saved as JPEGs.
Rulers can now be saved.
Images can now be imported into the canvas.
Official Twitter link added.

Version 2.1 (2015/7/26)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 2.0 (2015/7/22)

Tablet Correction settings implemented.
Color, Brush Size, Brush Opacity shortcuts added.
Color can be intuitively changed in HSV mode.
Auto Recovery feature added.

Version 1.6 (2015/7/16)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 1.5 (2015/6/29)

An issue where the pen and eraser tools could not be used has been resolved.

Version 1.4 (2015/6/25)

A (How to) link was added to MediBang Paint Tablet’s help section.
Users can now save while using the Share feature.

Version 1.3 (2015/6/23)

Undo and redo can be performed with the volume buttons.
Stability improved.

Version 1.2 (2015/6/19)

Stability improved.

Version 1.1 (2015/6/18)

Users can now save while using the Share feature. (Users can now save locally)