System Requirements

Name of Product MediBang Paint Pro
OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 10
Mac OS 10.9
Mac OS 10.10
Mac OS 10.11
Mac OS 10.12
Mac OS 10.13
HDD 100MB free space minimum.
2GB recommended.
Memory Capacity For 32bit OS 4GB recommended
For 64bit OS 8GB recommended
Internet Connection In order to use Cloud features (Save to Cloud, Cloud Materials, Cloud Text etc)
an internet connection is needed.
Peripherals Wacom Pen Tablet
Supported file formats mdp(MediBang Paint native file format), png, jpg, bmp, gif, psd, tif, webp
Output file formats mdp(MediBang Paint native file format), png, jpg, bmp, psd, tif, webp


Update Information

Version 13.0 (2017/12/14)

*New Features
Added the Close Gaps feature to the Bucket and MagicWand tools.
Added the Export All feature to Comic Projects.
Added the Tone Curves filter.
Added Divide to Blended Layers.
Added Mask and Stencil Layers.
Improved the edges to typed text, making them smoother.
Improved it so that a tip will pop when the canvas won’t open.
Improved the canvas’ export feature to enable choosing the clipboard.
Improved the Transform tool to allow you to flip your selection.
Improved the Select tool to enable switching on and off the inverted highlight.
Improved the File Menu to enable opening an image as a layer.
Improved dialog windows in high resolution displays.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.1 (2017/9/28)

Upgraded UI.
Improved performance.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.0 (2017/9/14)

*New Features
Added new blending features: Soft Light, Hard Light, Hue, Saturation, Color and Brightness.
Can now import TIFF format files.
Maximum value for Correction increased to 20.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 11.2 (2017/8/31)

Fixed a bug where some files would not open on the Windows 64-bit version.
Fixed a bug where it would move without intentionally doing so when using the operation tool after rotating the canvas.
Fixed an issue where the Inverse Filter was not operating correctly.
Minor bugs fixed.

Version 11.1 (2017/8/24)

*New Feature
You can now upload multiple files at once.
Increased maximum value for correction to 40.
Improved performance for correction; lines are now smoother
You can now round corners when expanding or contracting a selection
Enhanced speed when expanding or contracting a selection
Improved performance for the Princeton tablet
Enhanced speed for the smudge tool
Enhanced speed for the color filter
You can open the properties for a layer or brush by clicking on the gear icon
Improved performance on the text tool
Layers use less memory which improves stability
Improved the way in which layers are switched
When reading or writing a PSD file, it now preserves the guide
When reloading the Submission List, it now keeps your team selection
Improved other minor aspects
Fixed a bug where the cursor would not change into the hourglass (Windows)
Fixed a bug where the art quality in the navigator would drop
Fixed a problem that occured when using brush scripts
Fixed an issue where a dot would appear when using the Force Fade In/Out on a Windows-based tablet
Fixed a bug that occured when using snap rulers with the gradation tool
Fixed a bug when using Mesh Transform
Fixed a bug where the app would crash when pressing a key on the color selection panel (Mac)
Fixed a bug where the screen would close when pressing Enter at the search screen for Cloud Brushes. (Windows)
Fixed a bug where it would fail to sync settings to the Cloud
Fixed a bug where it would not let you add text when selecting a locked layer
Fixed other minor bugs

Version 11.0 (2017/4/18)

*New Features
Multi Brushes have been added.
We have added Mesh Transform to the menu.
We have added Export File to the menu.
You can now open each page on (from the Help tab).
You can now choose Storie templates when you create a new canvas.
You can now clear your canvas size history at the Create New Canvas screen.
You can now hide file paths at the canvas tab.
We have added a setting to avoid the glitch where you end up selecting everything in a layer without meaning to do so.
Minor bugs fixed.