System Requirements

Name of Product MediBang Paint Pro
OS Windows 7 Service Pack 1
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 10
Mac OS 10.9
Mac OS 10.10
Mac OS 10.11
Mac OS 10.12
Mac OS 10.13
HDD 100MB free space minimum.
2GB recommended.
Memory Capacity For 32bit OS 4GB recommended
For 64bit OS 8GB recommended
Internet Connection In order to use Cloud features (Save to Cloud, Cloud Materials, Cloud Text etc)
an internet connection is needed.
Peripherals Wacom Pen Tablet
Supported file formats mdp(MediBang Paint native file format), png, jpg, bmp, gif, psd, tif, webp
Output file formats mdp(MediBang Paint native file format), png, jpg, bmp, psd, tif, webp


Update Information

Version 14.1 (2018/04/12)

Fixed a bug where layer switches would cause it to freeze when selecting multiple layers.
Fixed a bug where multiple layer selection could not be done if the layer window was not fixed to the sidebar.

Version 14.0 (2018/03/29)

New Features
Added a function for selecting multiple layers.

– Select all layers at once by clicking on a layer while pressing the Shift key.
– Select layers individually by clicking on each layer while pressing the Control key.

Added a function where selected layers can be moved into a folder.

– Right-click on the layer list to select this option from the menu that appears.

Added a chromatic aberration filter.

Improved it so MDP files use less memory when saving.
Improvements made to logging in during system maintenance.

Fixed minor bugs with the Hue Filter.
Other minor bug fixes.