System Requirements

Name of Product MediBang Paint iPhone
OS 9.1 and above
Recommended Specs iPhone 5s and above
Supported Stylus Pens Adonit Pixel
Intuos® Creative Stylus
Intuos® Creative Stylus 2
Bamboo Stylus fineline
Bamboo Fineline 2
Bamboo Fineline 3
Bamboo Sketch
Internet Connection In order to use Cloud features (Save to Cloud, Cloud Materials, Cloud Text etc)
an internet connection is need.
Supported file formats mdp(MediBang Paint native file format), png, jpg
Output file formats mdp(MediBang Paint native file format), png, jpg, psd


Update Information


Version 13.0 (2017/12/14)

Mask and Stencil Layers have been added.
Added a function that allows you to close gaps that occur in the Bucket and Magic Wand tools.
You can now round the edges of text with the Text Tool.
The blend mode Divide has been added.

Version 12.3 (2017/11/3)

Now compatible with iPhoneX.
Fixed bugs found in iOS Version 11.1
Fixed other minor bugs

Version 12.2 (2017/10/20)

Added ON and OFF switch for Retina display.
Fixed minor bugs and improved performance.

Version 12.1.1 (2017/10/4)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.1 (2017/10/3)

Compatible with iOS 11 now.
Now supports the Retina display.

Version 12.0.1 (2017/9/18)

Minor bugs fixed.

Version 12.0 (2017/9/14)

New layer blending modes have been added! (Soft Light, Hard Light, Hue, Saturation, Color and Brightness.)