Thank you for using our service here at MediBang.

To prepare for the launch of our new service “MediBang Premium”, the charged item sales service at MediBang Paint will close from August 31st, 2021.

For the items already paid for before August 31st, 2021 will continue to be usable after September 2nd, 2021. 

■ Charged items that will be closed.
・Creative Pack(iPad, iPhone)
・Filter Pack(iPad, iPhone)
・Ad-Block Add-on(Android)

■Functions of Charged Items
<Creative Pack>
・Instructions of iPad Version
・Instructions of iPhone Version

<Filter Pack>
Tone Curve/Chromatic Aberration/Custom Noise/Traditional Japanese Patterns/Unsharp Mask/Moving Blur/Lens Blur

<Ad-Block Add-on>
In-App Ad Removal/Multiple Layer Selection/Folder Function/Additional Palette/Other Cloud/Tone Curve

For those who have not yet purchased the charged item service but wish to use it, we recommend that you purchase it as soon as possible. 

■How to Purchase the Charged Item Services

※ The MediBang Paint app will differ between the IPad, IPhone, and Android so the synchronization of data and paid items will not be possible between these devices.

-Creative Pack(iPad, iPhone)・In-App Ad-Block(Android)
①  Click the menu on the top left
②  Click “Hide Ads”
③  Click “Purchase”

-Filter Pack (iPad, iPhone)
①   Click “New Canvas”
②   Click “Create New” 
③   Click “Complete”
④  Click on Layer Icon
⑤  Click on menu inside “Layer”
⑥  Click on “Filter”
⑦  Click on filter with a lock icon
⑧  Click on “Complete”
⑨  Click on “Purchase”

We are currently launching the Early Bird Discount Campaign (August 26th, 2021 closing) of our new service “MediBang Premium” which allows extra cloud storage space, unlimited team participation and work file recall. Please click the link below for those who are interested.

※Registration form for “MediBang Premium” Special Discount Campaign here

We here at MediBang Inc. thank you for your continuous and generous support.