In this article, I’ll show you how to paint the grain of the wood grain, which is easy for anyone to do.
You can quickly express the wood products that are often used as backgrounds and accessories.

1. Fill the groundwork

On a new canvas, use a bucket tool to fill in and create a base for your new canvas.
If the color is lighter than the color of the wood grain, it’s OK.


2. Paint the wood grain with a brush brush

Download a flat brush from “Add brush”.
Adjust the size to large (about 200px-250px) and select a color darker than the base.

Place a new layer and draw straight lines parallel to each other.

Adjust the transparency of the wood grain layer as needed.

This alone looks like wood grain, but more realistic.


3. Trace the edges with a pencil

Select a color even darker than the wood grain color and place a new layer.

Select a pencil and trace the edge of the wood grain.
It doesn’t have to be a clean line.
You can draw roughly as you adjust the strength of the lines.
The thickness and amount of lines can be adjusted to your liking.


4. Blur the edges

Select “Blur” from the brushes and blur the pencil lines to blend them in.

Do not trace all the lines with the blur, but blur them sparsely.
Blur only one side of the line to make it look right.

Now the wood grain is complete.


5. Adding the knots

If you want to emphasize the texture of the wood a bit more, you can add knots to the grain.

In this case, you can draw from the knots.

Prepare a similarly filled base layer.
Place a new layer and draw a continuous circle with a darker color of pencil, as shown in the figure.

Select a “fingertip” from the brush and set the size to large. (About 150px)
Trace from the center of the circle to the outside.

Now the knots are made.

Now I’m going to paint the grain of the wood with a brush to surround the knot.


6. Summary

What did you think?
With brushes other than the ones I have used above, it is possible to paint various kinds of wood grain patterns.
I used a faint brush, a flat brush, and a flat brush (dry) together in the 5.

No two wood grains are the same.
Try to create your own original wood grain by adding an arrangement.
Try changing the color tone or making the grain curved.

If you can draw quickly, you can quickly create wooden products that blend in with your line drawings.
You can draw realistic backgrounds and accessories♪