We often use mascots as motifs to make them more approachable.

In this article, we’re going to share some tips on how to turn an object into a mascots!


Draw the outline of an object

First of all, I draw the shape of the motif to be turned into a mascots.

The trick is
・To make it round.
・Draw as concisely as possible.
・The thickness of the line is firm.

Be careful not to draw it realistically or with thin lines as it will lose its looseness.

Draw a character’s face

Next, we draw the character’s face.

The trick is
・Draw each part closer.
・Evenly balanced in size.

If you draw the parts close to the human face, they lose their cuteness, so be careful with the placement of the parts if you want them to look cute.

A monotonous face is more approachable, but if you want to make an impact, you can make a unique face.
You can also paint your nose and eyelashes if you like.

Adding Color

Finally, add color.

The trick is
・Use light colors.
・Don’t overshadow it.

When painting, use light colors, such as pastels, for a gentler look.
We also recommend using brown or gray for the outline because it changes the atmosphere.

If you lighten the color of the lines, use a slightly darker color for the parts of the face to make them clearer.

It’s also important not to add too much three-dimensionality.
It’s only a mascots, so if you’re going to put it on, keep it to a subdued shade of no more than one or two colors.


When drawing a mascots, it’s important to give it a round, cute impression.

In addition to the method I introduced in this article, you can also draw them in a hand-drawn style or with light shading.

I hope you will use this article as a guide to draw your own mascots!