When you draw an illustration, do you ever get the impression that the characters are somehow too stiff?

In this case, you can give your character a sense of movement by adding some movement to the hair.

So in this article, we’ll show you how to draw a dynamic hairstyle.


Let the hair have movement

In the case of the image above, this would work as an illustration, but it looks heavy.

So, let’s give the hair some movement.

I’ve divided the head and the hair part into layers to make it easier to understand.


Point 1: Figure out the parts of each strand of hair

When drawing a dynamic hair, keep in mind the bangs, the middle (to the side) and the strands of hair in the back.


Point 2: Let it flow with the shape of your head

Once you have a rough idea of the general shape of the hair in the previous image, try drawing the hair along the shape of the head, keeping in mind the flow of the hair.

It is easier to draw hair that is more three-dimensional when it follows the shape of your head and gives it more movement.

The image flows from the top of your head to the shape of your head.



Point 3: Let’s put a waviness at the ends

Once you can add a three-dimensional look to your hair, the key to creating a dynamic look is to add a waviness to the ends of your hair.

When adding the swell, it’s easier to imagine the shape of the twist on the paper cut into strips.


Point 4: Let’s put in some pigtails

It’s also important to put in some hairs in the back.

The hair looks even lighter by adding a bun.

Let’s compare it to the first haircut.

By creating movement in your hair, you can create a fluffier feel and movement.

I encourage you all to try your hand at vibrant hair!