What’s a pattern?

A pattern is a design that repeats the arrangement of shapes and colors.

Commonly, patterns are used in a range of applications, such as product packaging, posters and websites, as well as backgrounds and clothing patterns and in illustrations.

Using MediBang Paint, you can start using it by pasting it on the canvas from the tile tab of the material panel, but you can create your own pattern design by registering the material yourself.


How to register materials:


There are two ways to register the material you have drawn yourself: either registering an image saved as a PNG, or registering it directly from the canvas.


I will explain about the method of registering directly from the canvas.

After drawing the image you want to use as a material on the canvas, click the “Add canvas as material” icon on the tile tab of the material panel to register it as a material.

To use the registered material, drag it directly onto the canvas and paste it.


Adjust the angle and magnification and press the OK button to complete the original pattern.

When registering the material from the canvas, if you register it as it is, the whole canvas including the blank area other than the illustration drawn on the canvas will be registered as the material.

For patterns such as borders and cheques that do not require a blank space, select the area you want to register in advance and register it.

You can also make margins in your desired intervals by making the selection larger than the illustration.


If the margin is too wide for each canvas, select the range including the margin and register it.

So far, we have introduced the method of registering materials.


From now on, we will introduce patterns that use the materials that have been created and registered.


Patterns using squares


As shown in the previous example, you can easily create various patterns simply by arranging squares.


If you are new to making patterns, it is recommended that you first get used to creating patterns using squares.

Patterns using squares


Patterns with circles


Unlike squares, it is difficult to arrange circles right next to each other at equal intervals, so we need to work out their arrangement.

Also, just by lining them up, there is no change, so let’s work out the design.

Patterns using illustrations


You can create more complicated patterns by using the illustrations you have drawn and working out the layout.

Patterns using triangles

Triangular patterns require more skill to create than circles and squares, but you can still create various patterns.

In the next article, I will introduce making the patterns we have created this time.

Please take a look at that as well.