In this article, I’ll explain how to draw this Halloween illustration in two parts.

In this article, I’ll show you how to draw a Halloween motif in the first part and how to draw a background motif in the second part.

We recommend these illustrations for deformed backgrounds and small items.



Draw the shape as a horizontal skull, like a smashed circle, and take out the eyes and mouth area.

Cleaning Book

Lower the opacity of the draft layer and create a new layer and draw the outer frame.
Draw a bump on the top and bottom and add a pigtail on top.

Draw the eyes as a triangle and the mouth as a tooth.
If it’s difficult to paint in one stroke, paint the mouth and then paint the teeth and remove the excess part.


Color and you’re done. Draw different jack-o-lanterns with different eye and mouth shapes.




Decide on a rough drawing of the shape, face, and position of the hands.
If you make the head part bigger, it makes it look cute.

Cleaning Book

Draw the outer frame.
Rotate the canvas to an angle you can easily paint and paint several times to get a nice line.


Draw a face and hands to complete the project.
You can draw various ghosts by changing their expressions and hand shapes.




Draw the body first and then the wings.
It is difficult to draw symmetrical feathers, so after drawing one feather, use the lasso tool to select the area and copy it, then flip it left to right and move it to the other side.

Cleaning Book

First, draw the body part.
In a new layer, draw one of the wings, copy and flip it left to right and move it to the other side as I did in the draft.


Paint the colors and you’re done.
You can use just the silhouette, but drawing the face makes it look cute.


That’s it for Halloween motifs.

Next time we’ll show you how to draw a background motif.