I will continue to explain how to draw a Halloween illustration from the previous article.

In this second part, I will show you how to draw a background motif.

Spooky tree


I will draw the trunk and branches.
Since it’s Halloween, I drew a dead tree and a shriveled tree.
Rounding the ends of the branches gives it a suspicious look.


Fair Copy

Create a new layer by reducing the opacity of the draft layer and draw the trunk and branches using the draft as a reference.
I dared to draw a rattling and distorted line because it is a dead tree.
After drawing the approximate lines, I painted in colors.


I want to make the branches thicker and more deformed, so I’ll adjust them.




Draw a small coffin-like shape with a cross inside.


Fair Copy

Draw a line at once without worrying about overflowing, to draw a line with less distortion.
Erase the excess lines with an eraser.


Color and you’re done.
You can also draw other graves with just a cross, etc.




Draw a square for the walls and a triangle for the general area of the roof.
Draw a house.
Once you have decided on the shape, you can draw the windows.


Fair Copy

Draw the outer frame and then the window.
The line drawing of the window will also be the window frame, so I draw it with a slightly thicker line than the main line.


Color it and it’s done.


Now that all the motifs have been completed, we will paste the motifs we have painted so far.
First, I painted the ground and background color (1).
Draw and paint the wavy line with the background color (2).
Paint the wavy line in the same way in the background color (3).
By increasing the sky color, the image of the mysterious night of Halloween is expressed.


Paste the motifs and use the Transform tool to adjust their size and orientation as you place them.


Draw the moon and stars in the same color (just a little yellowish white) as the ghosts and crosses in the empty space, insert the text and you’re done.


What did you think?

As you can see, if you draw the standard motifs, you can draw various illustrations depending on the placement once.

You can also use it as a background or a small item of the deformed character, so please try it out.