Only 3 steps!
Make your flattened line drawings super-dimensional in 5 minutes!

This year’s theme is “line drawing”!
I got a convincing draft drawn and penciled in!
But when I erase the draft, it doesn’t look good.
If you’ve just started to draw illustrations or comics, I’m sure you’ve experienced this often.

The only way to learn to draw clean lines is to practice, of course.
But I’m going to show you three simple techniques that you can practice just by reading them and make them look like it!


1Let’s draw the object in the foreground over a line

Before we get to the pen in, let’s start with some basic drawing!

◎Specifically, this is what it looks like!

The neck is in front of the shoulders, so put the neck line in front of the shoulder line.


Of course, if you look at it from behind, I draw it the other way around, covering the shoulder line.

In this way, for example, the “sides” can be represented in three lines in three dimensions!


You’ve done a great job of expressing depth just by putting a line over it!
This way, the front and back of the object will be clear and crisp, and the line drawing will be crisp and clear.

For a slightly more advanced version, you can wrinkle your clothes to give them a three-dimensional look!
Just FYI!


The point is to draw a thin line along the direction the fabric is being pulled!


2 Use thick and thin lines

Bigger lines

  • Looking for something nearby
  • Outline of the object to be drawn
  • Shadowed areas

Fine Lines

    • Objects in the distance
    • Occupied edge
    • “Textured lines” like wrinkles on cloth

And so on!



In this 3-D, the

    1. Bold lines in the outline
    2. Three sides sticking out in front are thin lines
    3. A thick line around the edges that will stick to the ground and cast a shadow

I expressed it in
I don’t know, it looks more like that if you use different lines!

3 Let’s add a touch with “a little bit of solidity”

When things overlap each other, shadows are created, aren’t they?
It’s easy to express that with “a bit solid”!

Now, let’s add a little sticky shadow to that overlapping intersection!
The point is to make it a little bit darker, not gutted.
(Some people paint with gusto in comics, so the degree is up to you.)

Example: A picture of two overlapping circles</div
This is what it looks like!
This alone gives it a three-dimensional look, doesn’t it?10ちょいベタ

○ Let’s practice

Put these techniques into practice with your character!
This line drawing…

In three steps…
This is how it happened!

What do you think? It looks more three-dimensional and crisp, doesn’t it?

A line drawing can change dramatically with a 5-minute addition.
I hope you’ll take a look at these line drawings and try them too!