We’ll show you how to draw water balloons commonly seen at festivals!

It sounds simple, but there is actually a little point to it.

Once you learn how to draw it, you can use it not only as a pattern for water balloons, but also for many other illustrations.

1. Fill with any color you like

Choose your favorite color and fill the canvas with one color.

You can actually look at pictures of water balloons for reference.


2. Layering Multiplication Layers

Create a new layer and change it to “Multiply”.
Use the brush tool “Watercolor (Wet)” to choose a color a little darker than the color in the first step, and draw two or three lines freehand.

You can set the transparency and color as you like.
Try drawing them quickly while adjusting their strength.


3. Draw a line with a different color

In addition, on a new layer, I will draw a line, this time in several brighter colors.
Use white somewhere to make it look like a water balloon.

Let’s draw it freehand as well, making it a wave shape or a circle.


4. Rounding the corners

The areas where the lines overlap are at the corners, so I add the same color to make them round.
This makes it look more realistic.

5. Draw a circle

Also choose a favorite color and draw a circle with a slightly larger size of “watercolor (wet)”.
Try overlaying a little on the lines to make them look more transparent.

The trick is to draw a circle from the outside to the inside.
The key is to create a hint of transparency on the outside.


6. Put white underneath

Depending on how the colors overlap, the color of the circle may become cloudy.
In that case, draw a circle in white and then add color on top of it.

Draw the circle in white as before.

On top of the white circle, layer a circle in another color.
You should be able to leave a small amount of white on top.


7. Fine tuning

Finally, blur the areas where circles and lines and circles and circles touch each other with a “fingertip” or “blur” brush.
The colors will look more realistic if they seem to flow into each other.

Now you have a water balloon pattern!


What did you think?
Water balloons are a pattern we’ve all seen before, so you can feel the summer and coolness by just incorporating them into a part of your illustration.

Once you get the hang of it, you can draw more variations of different colors.
Try using it in various situations, such as clothes and backgrounds!