In this article, I’d like to briefly explain the features and usage of the mixing brush!

1. About color-mixing brushes

A mixed color brush is a brush in which the color of the base and the color of the brush are mixed.

By increasing this “Color Mixing Level” value, you can manipulate how easily the colors of the base and the brush blend together.

Set it to the Color Mixing Level you like, and get painting!
I like my colors to blend moderately, so I set it to 50.
In addition, [Complement] is set to 50.


2. About Complement

The Complement is the amount of paint used.
If you draw a line from the base color when the Complement number is 0, the base color will be extended.

You can tweak the Color Mixing Level and Complement settings to your liking!


3. Layers when using a color mixing brush

Once you’ve finished setting up the brush, it’s time to start painting!
For example, when painting the skin color of a person, if you paint the shadow on the layer where the underlying skin is painted, the color of the underlying skin and the color of the brush will be mixed and it will look good.
※If you use a different layer, the undercoat will not be affected and the colors will not mix.


4. How to use the color mixing brush

After applying the shadow color, use the eyedropper to blend in the mixed color.
If you want to draw a well-balanced illustration in terms of color, you can do so by repeating the following steps: ▶ Paint the shadow color ▶ Remove the mixed color with the eyedropper and blend it in.
This way, you can draw a well-balanced illustration in terms of shades!

Eyedropper tool… Extracts the color from the campus.

The blending brush is used when you want to mix the color of the brush with the color of the base coat, and I found it to be suitable for thicker coats.
Please give it a try!

(Text and pictures by Shigehiro)