Here I will introduce how to turn simple patterns into real clothings!
We will use tear droplets and wire fence templates from MediBang’s cloud material.
You will need to login through a user account to use these cloud materials.

There are various ways to use simple mesh patterns by changing their shapes. Especially character clothing designs.

First download the patterns from the cloud and paste them on the canvas.

Duplicate the pattern and rotate one by 90 degrees.
Then intersect the two patterns together into a fishnet texture.
Now let’s try changing the shape of the fishnet.

For fishnet patterns we first decide the division numbers. Beginners should start with small numbers.

Moving the vertex (small box ◻︎icon) will bend the shape.

Dividing by threes or fours will create a smooth three-dimensional shape.

You can put shadows with an airbrush or white highlights
so they can fit with your art.

You can also adjust the line thickness by duplicating the layer then blurring the gauss. Darkening the center of smaller mesh holes will make the shadows look natural.

The steps above will also apply to the “fence” patterns.
10% will do for the drawing magnification.
The “fence” can be used to illustrate fishnet tights.
As long as the outlines and shadows are illustrated, the shape precision is not essential and the shapes can be rough.

Next we will work on clothing design.
Here we will make a gothic headdress and lace gloves.

First we start with the base of the headdress.
Imagine a shape of a ribbon wrapped around in circles.
Here we will also attach tear droplets wrapped in a circle.
You can decide how complex you wish it to be.
You can improve the highlight detail by keeping the transparency and adding white highlights, or by trimming the new layer.

Add some more fishnet until you can move to the next step.
It may look to have a contrary shape, but it can fit well with finishing touches.
By blurring the inner parts, we can add a three-dimensional effect.

Place it on her head.
Let’s also add appropriate hat decorations.
All that are left are her hands and background.

I used the “fence” for the upper chest and gloves.
Although the shapes are rough, they won’t look unnatural with shadows highlights on.

Give it the final touch and it’s complete.

Fishnet illustrations are easy to use because they can produce
three-dimensional feel without relying on precise shapes.

Please give them a try!


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