In this article, I will show you how to draw tear troughs.

Draw a line to form the tear trough.
Select a shade of skin and draw a thin line, keeping in mind the bulge of the tear trough.


Use the fine blur brush to blur the bottom and edges of the line you just drew.
If you blur the top of the line, the whole line will be blurred, so try not to blur the top of the line.
Next, create a new layer and airbrush the inside of the line (so that it sticks out a little).


Adjust the opacity to lighten the color a little to blend in with the skin color.
Create a new layer and use a skin-colored airbrush to quickly apply color to the upper part of the tear trough, from the inner corner of the eye to the center of the eye.


Use a white airbrush to quickly add color and shine to the area under the eyes where the tear trough is fullest.
Adjust the opacity, and when the whole thing blends in, it’s done.

How did you like it?
The teardrops are indispensable when drawing transparent eyes with thick paint.
Please try it.