I can’t use some of the cloud features.

The part of cloud functions is not possible to use if the MediBang account is not logged in or if the email address of the account is not certified.

Please try to login to your account or certify the email address.

If you are not a registered user of MediBang Premium, some of the cloud functions are not available in MediBang Paint and JUMP PAINT.

The restricted features are as follows.

    • Cloud storage up to 3GB.
    • Available number of teams to join is up to 3.
    • Available work versions to go back with the recall function are the latest 3.


Work data will not be deleted immediately even if the data exceeds the limit.
The cloud features are available by subscribing to MediBang Premium and adding additional cloud storage capacity.

You cannot sign up for Premium from the JUMP PAINT app, so please visit the following link.

Limited brushes and materials in MediBang Premium are not available in JUMP PAINT, so please purchase them from the following link.
*Premium is the target product type.

Please visit the following link to learn more about MediBang Premium.