Opening a saved file

Next, let’s try opening a saved canvas.

Those who have yet to try saving something, please do the previous tutorial first.
By opening a saved canvas, you can pick up on your work where you left off.


Continuing the previous session
Fig. Continuing the previous session

By tapping “Continue Previous Session” on the home screen, it will open the last canvas you worked on and saved on your device.
Continuing sessions will let you pick up painting right where you left off.

My Gallery

My Gallery
Fig. My Gallery

By tapping “My gallery” on the home screen, you will be taken to the following screen.

My Gallery (Local Saves)
Fig. My Gallery (Local Saves)

This tutorial is being done without a login, so we can only use the “Local Saves” option.
Here you can check the canvases you have saved on your device.
Tapping the canvas you want to see will allow you to open it.


You can delete a canvas by tapping the garbage bin icon on the bottom right of the canvas thumbnail. Also, by tapping the menu icon → Copy, you can add identical canvas data to your device.