Colored and glossy lips are very cute and attractive, aren’t they?
In this article, we’ll show you how to apply a glossy, moisturized lip.

Line drawing

Draw the outline of the mouth and lips.
The edges of the mouth will be in the shade, so I’ll make them a little thicker.


Paint your lips

Using a thick airbrush, apply the primer color to the entire lip.
With the airbrush on, select a transparent color and erase it from the contour of the lips to form the shape.

Select the base color and then use the blur brush to blur the borders.

Create a new layer and change the layer blend to “Multiply” and clipping it to the underlying layer.
Use an airbrush to paint the underlying color to the mouth and contour, and shape it with the same transparent color as before.

Select a base color and blend it with a blur brush.

Create a new layer and change it to “Multiply” and clipping.
Use a fine-tuned airbrush to apply the underlying color by tracing the lines of the mouth, and then use a blur brush to blend it in.


Applying Highlights

Use a very thin airbrush to apply the paint as if it were a fine white dot.
Apply in layers instead of lines to create a complex light spot.
Apply to the center of the upper lip, where it protrudes the most, and apply to the lower lip to create a fuller area.


Painting the shadow of the mouth

Apply the shadow color with an airbrush to the V above the lip, at both ends of the mouth, and in the center of the lower lip, and blend it in with a blurring brush.
Erase the parts that go out of the outline with an eraser.


Change the color of the line drawing

Protect the opacity of the line drawing layer and paint the outline a skin tone and the mouth line a darker color than the lips.

Paint the apex of the upper lip mountain and the center of the lower lip white.
Remove the layer opacity protection and complete the blurring with the blur brush.


Various ways to paint

You can paint various lips like this by changing the color of the base, the area of application and the shape of the gloss.

What did you think?
You may be particular about how to apply the eyes, but not many people are particular about how to apply the lips, right?
Lips, which can be arranged in many ways, can be applied properly to make the screen look gorgeous and give the character a personality.
Let’s give it a try.