We have already introduced some tips on how to draw illustrations with movement, such as contraposting and running poses.

Now, let’s try walking as an extra posing technique.


How to draw a walking pose

The key to drawing a walking pose is to pay attention to the contrapposto and the tilt of the center of gravity.


Tip 1: Use the contraposto

The contrapposto, which is the foundation of posing, can also be applied to the walking figure.

Contraposto is a posing technique in which the hips and shoulders are at odds with the axis of the body by placing the weight on one leg.
By shifting the axis of the shoulders and hips, you can create a more dynamic look.


For the walking figure, the trick is to draw the waist of the leg side out in front up and the waist of the leg side out behind down.


Try to draw the shoulders and hips carefully to make sure they are not parallel to the axis of the body.



Tip 2: Place your center of gravity in front of you

Another key to portraying a walking figure is to place the center of gravity of the body in front.

It is important to pay attention to this, especially when drawing a sideways walking figure.
Pay attention to the position of your center of gravity.

Generally speaking, the center of gravity of a human being is located at the back of the body around the navel when standing upright.
When you walk or run, the faster you move, the more your center of gravity leans forward.

The trick is to draw the upper body slightly forward and the hips back.



Also, when drawing a sideways walking figure, don’t forget to put the hands and feet forward alternately.

The above is an introduction to how to make a character walk.

If you want to make your character walk, you can use the tips I’ve given you here.